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 use Net::Bamboo;

 # basics

 my $bamboo = new Net::Bamboo;

 $bamboo->hostname(''); # hostname of bamboo server
 $bamboo->username('myuser');            # bamboo username
 $bamboo->password('mypass');            # bamboo password
 $bamboo->debug($bool);                  # debug mode (dump HTTP/XML)

 # projects

 $bamboo->projects;      # array of Net::Bamboo::Project
 $bamboo->num_projects;  # number of projects
 $bamboo->project_keys;  # list of project keys
 $bamboo->project($key); # get project by bamboo key

 my $project = $bamboo->project($key);

 $project->key;  # project key
 $project->name; # project name

 # plans

 $project->plans;        # list of Net::Bamboo::Plan objects
 $project->num_plans;    # number of plans
 $project->plan_keys;    # list of plan keys
 $project->plan($key);   # get plan by bamboo key

 my $plan = $bamboo->plan($key);

 $plan->key;             # plan key
 $plan->name;            # plan name
 $plan->num_stages;      # number of stages in plan
 $plan->is_enabled;      # flag: is plan enabled
 $plan->is_building;     # flag: is plan currently building
 $plan->is_active;       # flag: is plan active
 $plan->fqkey;           # fully qualified key (project key + plan key)

 # builds

 $plan->builds;          # list of Net::Bamboo::Build objects (five most recent)
 $plan->build_numbers;   # list of build numbers
 $plan->build($num);     # get build by number
 $plan->latest_build;    # get most recent build

 my $build = $plan->build($num);

 $build->number;         # build number
 $build->reason;         # build reason
 $build->date_started;   # build start date/time (DateTime object)
 $build->date_completed; # build end date/time (DateTime object)
 $build->duration;       # build duration (DateTime::Duration object)
 $build->succeeded;      # flag: build success?
 $build->failed;         # flag: build failure?
 $build->num_tests_ok;   # number of successful unit tests
 $build->num_tests_fail; # number of failed unit tests


Net::Bamboo is a simple OO interface to the RESTy interface exposed by Atlassian's Bamboo tool for continuous integration. The implementation is functionally lazy for the most part. Projects and plans are pulled in a single bulk request while the builds are pulled per plan as they are needed. Builds cycle often, so there exists a Plan->refresh method you may use to clear the attribute storing the builds; this will cause Net::Bamboo::Plan to pull a new build the next time it's requested. A similar method is available for the Net::Bamboo object as well, though it's likely to be used much less often.

This is a rough first cut. Pull requests against my github repository are more than welcome.


Mike Eldridge <>

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