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Daisuke Maki > Google-Chart-0.05014


This Release Google-Chart-0.05014  [Download] [Browse 20 Aug 2009
Latest Dev. Release Google-Chart-0.09000_05  [Download] [Browse 16 Nov 2011
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Google::Chart Interface to Google Charts API     0.05014
Google::Chart::Axis Google::Chart Axis Specification      
Google::Chart::Axis::Item Google::Chart Axis Item      
Google::Chart::Axis::Style Google::Chart Axis Style      
Google::Chart::Color Google::Chart Color      
Google::Chart::Data Google::Chart Data Role      
Google::Chart::Data::Extended Google::Chart Extended Data Encoding      
Google::Chart::Data::Simple Google::Chart Simple Data Encoding      
Google::Chart::Data::Text Google::Chart Text Encoding      
Google::Chart::Fill Base Fill Role      
Google::Chart::Fill::LinearGradient Apply Gradient Fill      
Google::Chart::Fill::LinearStripes Apply Linear Strip Fill      
Google::Chart::Fill::Solid Apply Solid Fill      
Google::Chart::Grid Google::Chart Grid Specification      
Google::Chart::Legend Google::Chart Legend      
Google::Chart::Margin Google::Chart Margin      
Google::Chart::Marker Google::Chart Marker      
Google::Chart::QueryComponent Google::Chart Query Component      
Google::Chart::QueryComponent::Simple Simplified Google::Chart Query Component      
Google::Chart::Size Google::Chart Size Specification      
Google::Chart::Title Apply Title      
Google::Chart::Type Google::Chart Type Role      
Google::Chart::Type::Bar Google::Chart Bar Type      
Google::Chart::Type::Line Google::Chart Line Type      
Google::Chart::Type::Pie Google::Chart Pie Chart Type      
Google::Chart::Type::QRcode Google::Chart QRcode Type      
Google::Chart::Type::Radar Google::Chart Radar Type      
Google::Chart::Type::ScatterPlot Google::Chart ScatterPlot Type      
Google::Chart::Type::Simple Role For Simple Types      
Google::Chart::Type::SparkLine Google::Chart SparkLine Type      
Google::Chart::Type::Venn Google::Chart Venn Type      
Google::Chart::Type::XY Google::Chart XY Line Type      
Google::Chart::Types Google::Chart Miscellaneous Types