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Gungho::Manual::TODO - TODO Items


Things marked TODO. Your contributions are welcome. Please check out

and get the latest source code.

Fix method names, structure

This is a long term TODO. We want to make the internal structure a bit more concise, meaningful.

Method renamings are bound to happen before we call it 1.00.

Tightly integrate with MQ

Message queue integration seems just natural.

Fix stacked throttling

Currently when multiple throttler components are specified, all of them are tried until one fails. This in theory works, but it becomes a problem if you for example throttle by number of requests first, and then by domain, and you reach the max number of amounts you throttle by domain before number of requests.

For example, suppose you have plenty of room for the first throttler. Gungho will first invoke try_push() on the first throttler, which increments the number of requests that have been processed.

After this, the second throttler invokes its try_push() which fails. At this point the request gets throttled, but there's no way to undo the try_push() for the first throttler.

This means that the overall capacity may be well within your throttling limits, but Gungho may not actually go fetch your requests.

At this point I have no particularly elegant solution to this

Add a throttled Provider

Excessive requessts to fetch pages tend to slow down the engine. We have the Throttler component to throttle the requests, but that still doesn't stop the Provider from overwhelming, for example, POE's internal queue.

To this end, Providers should also have the ability to throttle incoming requests to start with.

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