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Daisuke Maki > Memcached-libmemcached-0.3102


This Release Memcached-libmemcached-0.3102  [Download] [Browse 06 Sep 2009
Latest Release Memcached-libmemcached-1.001801  [Download] [Browse 26 May 2015
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Memcached::libmemcached Thin fast full interface to the libmemcached client API     0.3102


Memcached::libmemcached::constants document list of constants defined by libmemcached  
libmemcached Client library for memcached  
libmemcached_examples Examples for libmemcached  
libmemcachedutil Utility library for libmemcached  
memcached_add Store value on server  
memcached_analyze Analyze server information  
memcached_behavior_get Manipulate behavior  
memcached_behavior_set Manipulate behavior  
memcached_callback_get Get and set a callback  
memcached_callback_set Get and set a callback  
memcached_create Create a memcached_st structure  
memcached_decrement Manipulate counters  
memcached_decrement_with_initial Manipulate counters  
memcached_delete Delete a key  
memcached_dump get a list of keys found on memcached servers  
memcached_fetch Get a value  
memcached_flush wipe contents of memcached servers  
memcached_flush_buffers Flush buffers and send buffered commands  
memcached_free Create a memcached_st structure  
memcached_generate_hash_value Hash a key value  
memcached_get Get a value  
memcached_increment Manipulate counters  
memcached_increment_with_initial Manipulate counters  
memcached_lib_version Get library version  
memcached_mget Get a value  
memcached_pool_create Manage pools  
memcached_pool_destroy Manage pools  
memcached_pool_pop Manage pools  
memcached_pool_push Manage pools  
memcached_quit Disconnect from all servers  
memcached_replace Store value on server  
memcached_server_add Manage server list  
memcached_server_count Manage server list  
memcached_server_list Manage server list  
memcached_server_list_append Manage server list  
memcached_server_list_count Manage server list  
memcached_server_list_free Manage server list  
memcached_server_push Manage server list  
memcached_servers_parse Manage server list  
memcached_set Store value on server  
memcached_stat Get memcached statistics  
memcached_stat_get_keys Get memcached statistics  
memcached_stat_get_value Get memcached statistics  
memcached_stat_servername Get memcached statistics  
memcached_strerror Get error string  
memcached_verbosity Modifiy verbosity of servers  
memcached_version Get library version  
memcat Copy a set of keys to stdout  
memcp Copies files to a collection of memcached servers  
memdump Dump a list of keys from a server.  
memerror Translate a memcached error code to a string  
memflush Reset a server or list of servers  
memrm Remove a key(s) from a collection of memcached servers  
memslap Load testing and benchmarking tool for memcached  
memstat Display the operating status of a single or group of memcached servers  

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