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Memcached::libmemcached::Changes - List of significant changes

Changes in 0.3102 6th Sep 2009

  Fix walk_stats() in some corner cases
  Fix documentation (just the version)

Changes in 0.3101 6th Sep 2009

  Sync with libmemcached 0.31
  Now tested against memcached 1.4.1
  Now tested with binary protocol
  Work with newer libmemcached, which returned MEMCACHED_END instead of
    MEMCACHED_SUCCESS on fetch success

Changes in 0.2101 (svn r156) 27th May 2008

  Sync with libmemcached 0.21.
  Report memcached version when running tests.
  Skip flags test when using memcached <1.2.4.
  Test consistent hashing thanks to Daisuke Maki.
  Deprecated undocumented calling get() with an array ref as key
    it now generates a warning.
  Added way to specify multiple memcached servers for tests.
  Added -bin option to Makefile.PL to install mem* utilities
    thanks to Jos Boumans.

Changes in 0.1902 (svn r144) 17th April 2008

  Fixed leak of $memc which prevented DESTROY (and thus memcached_free)
    being called, thanks to Jim Spath and Daisuke Maki.
  Fixed tests to not use whitespace in keys, thanks to Daisuke Maki.

Changes in 0.1901 (svn r140) 10th April 2008

  Sync with libmemcached 0.19.
  Added walk_stats method for fetching stats via a callback
    thanks to Daisuke Maki.

Changes in 0.1701 (svn r129) 3rd March 2008

  Sync with libmemcached 0.17.
  Perl API for memcached_version returns the version info.
  Added auto-generated Memcached::libmemcached::constants docs.
  Improved docs.
  Assorted minor fixes.

Changes in 0.1405 (svn rXXX)

  Added official object-oriented API for perl-specific extensions.
  Allow SubclassName->new as alias for memcached_create.
  Deprecated perl-specific functions superceeded by methods:
    memcached_errstr                - now $memc->errstr
    memcached_mget_into_hashref     - now $memc->mget_into_hashref
    memcached_set_callback_coderefs - now $memc->set_callback_coderefs
  Added -g/-pg options to Makefile.PL to enable debug/profiling.
  Changed memcache object to be blessed hash instead of blessed int.

Changes in 0.1404 (svn r106) 29th Jan 2008

  Fixes for perl 5.6.
  Removed dependency on Time::HiRes for testing.

Changes in 0.1402 (svn r102) 27th Jan 2008

  Added tracing via PERL_LIBMEMCACHED_TRACE env var.
  Added perl callbacks for get and set.
  Added many more functions and improved the docs.
  Reenable perl 5.006 as we supply our own xsubpp now.

Changes in 0.1401

  Added memcached_errstr and related $memc state management.
  Changes functions to return simple boolean code.
  Added memcached_replace, memcached_cas
  More tests.

Changes in 0.1308

  Includes libmemcached-0.14
  memcached_return values are now boolean (true, defined false, or undef)
  Added memcached_errstr($memc) to access last error code and string.
  Bundle xsubpp to avoid problems interfacing with our custom ParseXS.

Changes in 0.1307

  Min perl version now 5.008 due to XS length(other_arg) syntax.
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