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Template::Direct::Page - Handle an entire page as an object


  Provide over all support for a page object


$class->new( $template, %p )

  Create a new Page object with specified template content.

$page->tagName( )

  Returns 'page'

$page->singleTag( )

  Returns true

$page->subTags( )

  Returns all expected page tags: [ if, list, page ]

$page->parent( )

  Page tags have no parent tags, returns undef.

$page->depth( )

  Page tags have no tag depth being root, returns 0.

$page->classDepth( )

  Page tags have no class depth being root, returns 0.

$page->classParent( )

  Page tags have no class parent tags, returns undef.

$object->compile( )

  Returns the template correctly processed with the data

$object->isPreCompiled( )

  Returns 1 if the template has been compiled into
  It's tag marked form, this pairs up with the children
  structure to compile the template with a data set.

$object->markAllTags( \$content )

 Take any kind of structure and mark it out with unique id's, returns a structure of objects
 that relate to the first layer of items.


  Martin Owens - Copyright 2007, AGPL
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