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Distribution Released
Acme-ReturnValue-1.001 report interesting return values [Download] [Browse] 30 Mar 2013
API-Medium-0.900 Talk with using their REST API [Download] [Browse] 26 Aug 2016
App-ArchiveDevelCover-1.002 Archive Devel::Cover reports [Download] [Browse] 21 Nov 2012
App-Fotagger-0.001.1 tag fotos [Download] [Browse] 01 Jun 2009
App-TimeTracker-2.025 time tracking for impatient and lazy command line lovers [Download] [Browse] 13 May 2018
App-TimeTracker-Command-Category-1.002 use categories when tracking time with App::TimeTracker [Download] [Browse] 05 Jun 2016
App-TimeTracker-Command-Gitlab-1.003 App::TimeTracker Gitlab plugin [Download] [Browse] 30 Apr 2018
App-TimeTracker-Command-TellSlack-1.001 App::TimeTracker plugin for posting to [Download] [Browse] 26 Jul 2016
App-TimeTracker-Command-Trello-1.005 App::TimeTracker Trello plugin [Download] [Browse] 05 Jun 2016
App-TimeTracker-Gtk2TrayIcon-1.002 Show TimeTracker status in a GTK tray applet [Download] [Browse] 13 Sep 2011
Blio-2.003 domms blogging "engine" [Download] [Browse] 05 Jan 2015
Bread-Runner-0.901 run ALL the apps via Bread::Board [Download] [Browse] 09 Dec 2016
Business-DPD-0.22 handle DPD label generation [Download] [Browse] 21 Jan 2014
Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-Redis-0.09 Redis Session store for Catalyst [Download] [Browse] 16 Apr 2018
CGI-URI2param-1.01 convert parts of an URL to param values [Download] [Browse] 30 Sep 2006
Class-Data-TIN-0.02 Translucent Inheritable Nonpolluting Class Data [Download] [Browse] 21 Feb 2002
Class-DispatchToAll-0.11 Dispatch a method call to all inherited methods [Download] [Browse] 30 Sep 2006
CPAN-Mini-FromList-0.04 create a minimal CPAN mirror from a list of modules you specify [Download] [Browse] 04 Jan 2012
CtrlO-Crypt-XkcdPassword-1.005 Yet another xkcd style password generator [Download] [Browse] 02 Apr 2018
DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-JSON2Object-0.905 convert JSON columns to Perl objects [Download] [Browse] 13 Jun 2018
DBIx-SchemaChecksum-1.102 Manage your datebase schema via checksums [Download] [Browse] 19 Jul 2017
InfluxDB-LineProtocol-1.010 Write and read InfluxDB LineProtocol [Download] [Browse] 19 Jun 2018
InfluxDB-Writer-1.002 Various tools to send lines to InfluxDB [Download] [Browse] 01 Feb 2016
lib-projectroot-1.005 easier loading of a project's local libs [Download] [Browse] 17 Feb 2016
LWP-Authen-OAuth2-0.14 Make requests to OAuth2 APIs. [Download] [Browse] 15 Aug 2017
Measure-Everything-1.002 Log::Any for Stats [Download] [Browse] 27 Feb 2018
Measure-Everything-Adapter-InfluxDB-Direct-1.000 Send stats directly to InfluxDB via http [Download] [Browse] 01 Jun 2016
Measure-Everything-Adapter-InfluxDB-TCP-1.003 Send stats to Influx via TCP using Telegraf [Download] [Browse] 13 Sep 2016
Module-CPANTS-Analyse-0.83 Generate Kwalitee ratings for a distribution [Download] [Browse] 10 Jun 2009
Module-CPANTS-ProcessCPAN-0.77 Generate Kwalitee ratings for the whole CPAN [Download] [Browse] 09 Aug 2008
Module-CPANTS-Site-0.76 Catalyst based application [Download] [Browse] 09 Aug 2008
Module-ExtractUse-0.342 Find out what modules are used [Download] [Browse] 22 Jan 2018
OX-RouteBuilder-REST-0.003 OX::RouteBuilder which routes to an action method in a controller class based on HTTP verbs [Download] [Browse] 03 Apr 2014
Plack-App-ServiceStatus-0.902 Check and report status of various services needed by your app [Download] [Browse] 21 Nov 2016
Plack-Middleware-Auth-JWT-0.903 Token-based Auth (aka Bearer Token) using JSON Web Tokens (JWT) [Download] [Browse] 25 Feb 2018
Plack-Middleware-PrettyException-1.006 Capture exceptions and present them as HTML or JSON [Download] [Browse] 15 Mar 2018
Plack-Middleware-StatsPerRequest-0.901 Measure HTTP stats on each request [Download] [Browse] 02 Mar 2018
Pod-Strip-1.02 Remove POD from Perl code [Download] [Browse] 20 Mar 2006
Web-Request-Role-AbsoluteUriFor-1.001 Construct an absolute URI honoring script_name [Download] [Browse] 07 Feb 2017
Web-Request-Role-JSON-1.005 Make handling JSON easier in Web::Request [Download] [Browse] 31 Aug 2017
Web-Request-Role-JWT-1.001 Accessors for JSON Web Token (JWT) stored in psgix [Download] [Browse] 21 Jun 2017
Web-Request-Role-Response-1.003 Generate various HTTP responses from a Web::Request [Download] [Browse] 09 May 2017
ZMQx-Class-0.006 OO Interface to ZMQ [Download] [Browse] 01 Oct 2014