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This Release Audio-TagLib-1.50_01  [Download] [Browse 10 Jun 2009 ** DEVELOPER RELEASE **
Latest Release Audio-TagLib-1.65  [Download] [Browse 29 Jun 2015
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Audio::TagLib a library for reading and editing audio meta data, commonly known as *tags*.     1.50_01
Audio::TagLib::APE::Footer An implementation of APE footers     1.41
Audio::TagLib::APE::Item An implementation of APE-items     1.41
Audio::TagLib::APE::ItemListMap Perl-only class     1.41
Audio::TagLib::APE::ItemListMap::Iterator Perl-only class     1.41
Audio::TagLib::APE::Tag An APE tag implementation     1.41
Audio::TagLib::AudioProperties A simple, abstract interface to common audio properties     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ByteVector A byte vector     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ByteVector::Iterator Perl-only class     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ByteVectorList A list of ByteVectors     1.41
Audio::TagLib::FLAC::File An implementation of FLAC metadata     1.41
Audio::TagLib::FLAC::Properties An implementation of audio property reading for FLAC     1.41
Audio::TagLib::File A file class with some useful methods for tag manipulation     1.41
Audio::TagLib::FileRef This class provides a simple abstraction for creating and handling files     1.41
Audio::TagLib::FileRef::FileTypeResolver A class for pluggable file type resolution.     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v1 Functions in this namespace     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v1::GenreMap Perl-only class     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v1::GenreMap::Iterator Perl-only class     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v1::StringHandler A abstraction for the string to data encoding in ID3v1 tags.     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v1::Tag An ID3v1 tag implementation     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::AttachedPictureFrame An ID3v2 attached picture frame implementation     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::CommentsFrame An implementation of ID3v2 comments     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::ExtendedHeader ID3v2 extended header implementation     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::Footer ID3v2 footer implementation     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::Frame ID3v2 frame implementation     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::FrameFactory A factory for creating ID3v2 frames     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::FrameList Perl-only class     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::FrameList::Iterator Perl-only class     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::FrameListMap Perl-only class     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::FrameListMap::Iterator Perl-only class     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::Header An implementation of ID3v2 headers     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::RelativeVolumeFrame An ID3v2 relative volume adjustment frame implementation     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::RelativeVolumeFrame::PeakVolume Struct that stores the relevant values for ID3v2 peak volume     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::SynchData A few functions for ID3v2 synch safe integer conversion     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::Tag An ID3v2 implementation     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::TextIdentificationFrame An ID3v2 text identification frame implementation     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::UniqueFileIdentifierFrame An implementation of ID3v2 unique identifier frames     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::UnknownFrame A frame type unkown to Audio::TagLib     1.41
Audio::TagLib::ID3v2::UserTextIdentificationFrame An ID3v2 custom text identification frame implementation     1.41
Audio::TagLib::MPC::File An implementation of Audio::TagLib::File with MPC specific methods     1.41
Audio::TagLib::MPC::Properties An implementation of audio property reading for MPC     1.41
Audio::TagLib::MPEG::File An MPEG file class with some useful methods specific to MPEG     1.41
Audio::TagLib::MPEG::Header An implementation of MP3 frame headers     1.41
Audio::TagLib::MPEG::Properties An implementation of audio property reading for MP3     1.41
Audio::TagLib::MPEG::XingHeader An implementation of the Xing VBR headers     1.41
Audio::TagLib::Ogg::FLAC::File An implementation of Audio::TagLib::File with Ogg/FLAC specific methods     1.41
Audio::TagLib::Ogg::FieldListMap Perl-only class     1.41
Audio::TagLib::Ogg::FieldListMap::Iterator     1.41
Audio::TagLib::Ogg::File An implementation of Audio::TagLib::File with some helpers for Ogg based formats     1.41
Audio::TagLib::Ogg::Page An implementation of Ogg pages     1.41
Audio::TagLib::Ogg::PageHeader An implementation of the page headers associated with each Ogg::Page     1.41
Audio::TagLib::Ogg::Vorbis::File An implementation of Ogg::File with Vorbis specific methods     1.41
Audio::TagLib::Ogg::Vorbis::Properties An implementation of audio property reading for Ogg Vorbis     1.41
Audio::TagLib::Ogg::XiphComment Ogg Vorbis comment implementation     1.41
Audio::TagLib::String A wide string class suitable for unicode     1.41
Audio::TagLib::String::Iterator Perl-only class     1.41
Audio::TagLib::StringList A list of strings     1.41
Audio::TagLib::Tag A simple, generic interface to common audio meta data fields     1.41
Audio::TagLib::Vorbis::File An implementation of Ogg::File with Vorbis specific methods     1.41
Audio::TagLib::Vorbis::Properties An implementation of audio property reading for Ogg Vorbis     1.41


Audio::TagLib::Ogg::FiledListMap::Iterator Perl-only class