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Dennis Opacki > authen-rbac-0.1


This Release authen-rbac-0.1  [Download] [Browse 12 Sep 2003
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Authen::RBAC Perl extension to manage Authen::RBAC configs    0.01
Authen::RBAC::Group Perl extension to manage authorization Groups    0.01
Authen::RBAC::Group::Acl Perl extension to process ACLs    0.01
Authen::RBAC::Group::Acl::PolicyFactory Perl extension to create POLICY objects of different types    0.01
Authen::RBAC::Group::Acl::PolicyFactory::Deny Perl extension to process "Deny" policies    0.01
Authen::RBAC::Group::Acl::PolicyFactory::Hostmask Perl extension to process "Hostmask" policies    0.01
Authen::RBAC::Group::Acl::PolicyFactory::Permit Perl extension to process "Permit" policies    0.01

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