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Distribution Released
URI-ni-0.05 Implementation of the ni: URI scheme from RFC 6920 [Download] [Browse] 23 Mar 2018
URI-mid-0.03 RFC 2392 mid: URI implementation [Download] [Browse] 20 Oct 2012
URI-BNode-0.06 RDF blank node identifiers which are also URI objects [Download] [Browse] 04 Nov 2013
Store-Digest-0.06 Store opaque data objects keyed on their cryptographic digests [Download] [Browse] 24 Mar 2018
Role-MimeInfo-0.02 Bolt-on type checking against GNOME shared-mime-info [Download] [Browse] 20 Sep 2017
Role-Markup-XML-0.07 Bolt-on lazy XML generation [Download] [Browse] 05 Dec 2017
Role-Kerberos-0.01_03 Bolt-on Kerberos ticket management [Download] [Browse] 14 Dec 2015
RDF-KV-0.05 Embed RDF linked data in plain old HTML forms [Download] [Browse] 26 May 2016
Params-Registry-0.08 Housekeeping for sets of named parameters [Download] [Browse] 13 Dec 2017
HTML-Detergent-0.06 Clean the gunk off an HTML document [Download] [Browse] 04 Jul 2013
DateTime-TimeZone-ICal-0.04 iCal VTIMEZONE entry to DateTime::TimeZone [Download] [Browse] 16 Mar 2015
Data-UUID-NCName-0.04 Make valid NCName tokens which are also UUIDs. [Download] [Browse] 09 Apr 2015
Data-ICal-RDF-0.03 Turn iCal files into an RDF graph [Download] [Browse] 05 Mar 2015
Data-Grid-0.01_02 Data::Grid provides basic, incremental access to grid-shaped data. [Download] [Browse] 29 Mar 2018
Crypt-VERPString-0.02 Encrypt and encode fixed-length records for VERP [Download] [Browse] 11 Jul 2005
Apache2-TrapSubRequest-0.04 Trap a lookup_file/lookup_uri into a scalar [Download] [Browse] 04 Jun 2013
Apache2-SQLRequest-0.02 Supply SQL queries to an Apache request object [Download] [Browse] 14 Aug 2006
Apache2-MimeInfo-0.06 Content-Type header informed by shared-mime-info [Download] [Browse] 11 Dec 2014
Apache2-HTML-Detergent-0.07 Clean the gunk off HTML documents on the fly [Download] [Browse] 14 Nov 2014
Apache2-FixupLastModified-0.01 Fixup handler for Last-Modified header [Download] [Browse] 14 Aug 2006
Apache2-FixupContentLanguage-0.01 Fixup handler for Last-Modified header [Download] [Browse] 14 Aug 2006
Apache2-FixRemote-0.01 Reset remote IP with contents of X-Forwarded-For header [Download] [Browse] 14 Aug 2006
Apache2-CondProxy-0.17 This module implements logic for a conditional reverse proxy. [Download] [Browse] 03 Oct 2015
Apache-LogF-0.01 Format Apache log messages like sprintf [Download] [Browse] 11 Jun 2005
Apache-LangURI-0.19 Rewrite Accept-Language headers from URI path and back [Download] [Browse] 30 Aug 2004
Apache-DebugLog-0.02 Multidimensional debug logging in mod_perl 1.x [Download] [Browse] 14 Jul 2005