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Alan Kasindorf > MogileFS-Utils-2.26


This Release MogileFS-Utils-2.26  [Download] [Browse 13 Aug 2012
Latest Release MogileFS-Utils-2.30  [Download] [Browse 19 Jan 2018
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MogileFS::Utils Command line utilities for the MogileFS distributed file system.     2.26


mogadm MogileFS admin tool  
mogdelete Delete keys from a MogileFS installation  
mogfetch Fetch data from a MogileFS installation  
mogfiledebug Dump gobs of information about a FID  
mogfileinfo Fetch key metadata from a MogileFS installation  
moglistfids Iterate fid/key data from a MogileFS installation  
moglistkeys Lists keys out of a MogileFS domain  
mogrename Rename file (key) from one key to another  
mogstats Utility for calculating slow stats directly against a MogileFS DB  
mogtool Inject/extract data to/from a MogileFS installation  
mogupload Upload data to a MogileFS installation