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This Release AI-Prolog-0.741  [Download] [Browse 26 Mar 2011
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Special Files


AI::Prolog Perl extension for logic programming.     0.741
AI::Prolog::ChoicePoint Create a choicepoint object for the Engine.     0.02
AI::Prolog::Engine Run queries against a Prolog database.     0.4
AI::Prolog::Engine::Primitives The code for running aiprolog builtins     0.3
AI::Prolog::KnowledgeBase The Prolog database.     0.02
AI::Prolog::Parser A simple Prolog parser.     0.10
AI::Prolog::Parser::PreProcessor The AI::Prolog Preprocessor     0.01
AI::Prolog::Parser::PreProcessor::Math The AI::Prolog math macro     0.01
AI::Prolog::Term Create Prolog Terms.     0.07
AI::Prolog::Term::Cut Perl implementation of the Prolog cut operator.     0.1
AI::Prolog::Term::Number Perl implementation of Prolog numbers.     0.1
AI::Prolog::TermList Create lists of Prolog Terms.     0.03
AI::Prolog::TermList::Clause Perl implementation of Prolog clauses.     0.1
AI::Prolog::TermList::Primitive Perl implementation of Prolog primitives.     0.1
AI::Prolog::TermList::Step Perl implementation of Prolog "step" mechanism.     0.1


AI::Prolog::Builtins Builtin predicates that AI::Prolog supports  
AI::Prolog::Cookbook Recipes for common Prolog problems  
AI::Prolog::Introduction The what and the why of logic programming.  
aiprolog A simple Prolog shell using AI::Prolog.