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JSON::DWIW::Changes - List of significant changes to JSON::DWIW



Added the start_depth and start_depth_handler options


Another attempt at fixing a build problem under FreeBSD -- now use $Config::Config{perlpath} for the Perl used in fixup_config.


Fixed build problem under Perl 5.6 on FreeBSD -- now use FULLPERL instead of ABSPERLRUN for the path to Perl used in fixup_config.

Version 0.44

Fixed build problem under Perl 5.6

Version 0.43

added sort_keys option when converting to JSON

Version 0.42

Documentation fixes.
Fixed bug where numbers got coerced to strings when encoding, such that if you call to_json() again on the same data structure, numbers would come out as stirngs.

Version 0.41

Fixed configuration problem for libjsonevt on Mac OS X
Documentation formatting fixes.

Version 0.40

Includes updates to jsonevt to fix parsing bug (segfault when parsing just "[").
Includes latest jsonevt release (version 0.1.0).

Version 0.39

Added the json_to_xml() function.
Added the parse_number and parse_constant callback options

Version 0.38 (Fri 2009-09-18)

Fixed #49773 (missing semicolon)

Version 0.37 (Wed 2009-09-16)

Fixed bug with creating Math::BigFloat objects when parsing

Version 0.36 (Sat 2009-08-22)

Added ascii, bare_solidus, and minimal_escaping options.
Began to use Test::More for some of the unit tests.

Version 0.35

Apparent fix for [ #47344].

Version 0.34

Fixed another memory leak, this time while inserting into a hash

Version 0.33

Fixed memory leak -- the stack was getting allocated in init_cbs(), but never deallocated.

Version 0.32

Fixed segfault on Solaris 10 (on Sparc) when compiled with Sun Studio. It was a 64-bit versus 32-bit bug on my part, but apparently GCC catches this and does the right thing.

Version 0.30

Added _GNU_SOURCE define to pull in asprintf on some platforms

Version 0.29

Fixed another segfault problem on 64-bit Linux (in vset_error).

Version 0.28

Fixed segfault problem on 64-bit Linux ( #40879)
Fixed test problem on Solaris ( #41129)
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