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This Release OX-0.04  [Download] [Browse 28 Sep 2012
Latest Release OX-0.14  [Download] [Browse 03 Apr 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Bread::Board::LifeCycle::Request lifecycle for request-scoped services     0.04
OX the hardest working two letters in Perl     0.04
OX::Application base class for OX applications     0.04
OX::Application::Role::Request application role to allow the use of request and response objects     0.04
OX::Application::Role::RouteBuilder application role to configure a router based on a static description     0.04
OX::Application::Role::Router base role for applications with routers     0.04
OX::Application::Role::Router::Path::Router implementation of OX::Application::Role::Router which uses Path::Router     0.04
OX::Application::Role::RouterConfig adds some common shortcuts to route declarations from OX::Application::Role::RouteBuilder     0.04
OX::Request request object for OX     0.04
OX::RouteBuilder abstract role for classes that turn configuration into a route     0.04
OX::RouteBuilder::Code OX::RouteBuilder which routes to a coderef     0.04
OX::RouteBuilder::ControllerAction OX::RouteBuilder which routes to an action method in a controller class     0.04
OX::RouteBuilder::HTTPMethod OX::RouteBuilder which routes to a method in a controller based on the HTTP method     0.04