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Jesse Luehrs > Reply-0.35


This Release Reply-0.35  [Download] [Browse 04 Jul 2014
Latest Release Reply-0.42  [Download] [Browse 24 Aug 2016
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License The MIT (X11) License
Special Files


Reply read, eval, print, loop, yay!     0.35
Reply::App command line app runner for Reply     0.35
Reply::Config config loading for Reply     0.35
Reply::Plugin base class for Reply plugins     0.35
Reply::Plugin::AutoRefresh automatically refreshes the external code you use     0.35
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Commands tab completion for reply commands     0.35
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Functions tab completion for function names     0.35
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Globals tab completion for global variables     0.35
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Keywords tab completion for perl keywords     0.35
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Lexicals tab completion for lexical variables     0.35
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Methods tab completion for methods     0.35
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Packages tab completion for package names     0.35
Reply::Plugin::CollapseStack display error stack traces only on demand     0.35
Reply::Plugin::Colors colorize output     0.35
Reply::Plugin::DataDump format results using Data::Dump     0.35
Reply::Plugin::DataDumper format results using Data::Dumper     0.35
Reply::Plugin::DataPrinter format results using Data::Printer     0.35
Reply::Plugin::Editor command to edit the current line in a text editor     0.35
Reply::Plugin::FancyPrompt provides a more informative prompt     0.35
Reply::Plugin::Hints persists lexical hints across input lines     0.35
Reply::Plugin::Interrupt allows using Ctrl+C to interrupt long-running lines     0.35
Reply::Plugin::LexicalPersistence persists lexical variables between lines     0.35
Reply::Plugin::LoadClass attempts to load classes implicitly if possible     0.35
Reply::Plugin::Nopaste command to nopaste a transcript of the current session     0.35
Reply::Plugin::Packages persist the current package between lines     0.35
Reply::Plugin::ReadLine use Term::ReadLine for user input     0.35
Reply::Plugin::ResultCache retain previous results to be able to refer to them later     0.35
Reply::Plugin::Timer time commands     0.35


reply read, eval, print, loop, yay!