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This Release Fey-ORM-0.47  [Download] [Browse 12 Jul 2015
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Fey::Hash::ColumnsKey A hash where the keys are sets of Fey::Column objects     0.47
Fey::Meta::Attribute::FromColumn An attribute metaclass for column-based attributes     0.47
Fey::Meta::Attribute::FromInflator An attribute metaclass for attributes with an inflator     0.47
Fey::Meta::Attribute::FromSelect An attribute metaclass for SELECT-based attributes     0.47
Fey::Meta::Class::Schema A metaclass for schema classes     0.47
Fey::Meta::Class::Table A metaclass for table classes     0.47
Fey::Meta::HasMany::ViaFK A parent for has-one metaclasses based on a Fey::FK object     0.47
Fey::Meta::HasMany::ViaSelect A parent for has-one metaclasses based on a query object     0.47
Fey::Meta::HasOne::ViaFK A parent for has-one metaclasses based on a Fey::FK object     0.47
Fey::Meta::HasOne::ViaSelect A parent for has-one metaclasses based on a query object     0.47
Fey::Meta::Method::Constructor     0.47
Fey::Meta::Method::FromSelect A method metaclass for SELECT-based methods     0.47
Fey::Meta::Role::FromSelect     0.47
Fey::Meta::Role::Relationship A shared role for all foreign HasX metaclasses     0.47
Fey::Meta::Role::Relationship::HasMany A role for has-many metaclasses     0.47
Fey::Meta::Role::Relationship::HasOne A role for has-one metaclasses     0.47
Fey::Meta::Role::Relationship::ViaFK     0.47
Fey::ORM A Fey-based ORM (If you like SQL, you might like Fey::ORM)     0.47
Fey::ORM::Exceptions Defines exceptions used for Fey::ORM     0.47
Fey::ORM::Policy Declarative policies for Fey::ORM using classes     0.47
Fey::ORM::Role::Iterator A role for things that iterate over Fey::Object::Table objects     0.47
Fey::ORM::Schema Provides sugar for schema-based classes     0.47
Fey::ORM::Table Provides sugar for table-based classes     0.47
Fey::ORM::Types Types for use in Fey::ORM     0.47
Fey::ORM::Types::Internal Types for use in Fey::ORM     0.47
Fey::Object::Iterator::FromArray An iterator which iterates over an array of objects     0.47
Fey::Object::Iterator::FromSelect Wraps a DBI statement handle to construct objects from the results     0.47
Fey::Object::Iterator::FromSelect::Caching A caching subclass of Fey::Object::Iterator::FromSelect     0.47
Fey::Object::Policy An object representing a specific policy     0.47
Fey::Object::Schema Base class for schema-based objects     0.47
Fey::Object::Table Base class for table-based objects     0.47


Fey::ORM::Manual Fey::ORM Manual Index  
Fey::ORM::Manual::Intro Introduction to Fey::ORM  

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