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Dave Rolsky > HTTP-Headers-ActionPack-0.08


This Release HTTP-Headers-ActionPack-0.08  [Download] [Browse 23 Apr 2013
Latest Release HTTP-Headers-ActionPack-0.09  [Download] [Browse 18 Jun 2013
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


HTTP::Headers::ActionPack HTTP Action, Adventure and Excitement     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::AcceptCharset A Priority List customized for Media Types     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::AcceptLanguage A Priority List customized for Media Types     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::AuthenticationInfo The Authentication-Info Header     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Authorization The Authorization Header factory     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Authorization::Basic The Basic Authorization Header     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Authorization::Digest The Digest Authorization Header     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::ContentNegotiation A class to handle content negotiation     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Core::Base A Base class     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Core::BaseAuthHeader The base Auth Header     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Core::BaseHeaderList A Base Header List     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Core::BaseHeaderType A Base header type     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Core::BaseHeaderWithParams A Base header type with parameters     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::DateHeader A Date Header     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::LinkHeader A Link     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::LinkList A List of Link objects     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::MediaType A Media Type     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::MediaTypeList A Priority List customized for Media Types     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::PriorityList A Priority List     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::Util General Utility module     0.08
HTTP::Headers::ActionPack::WWWAuthenticate The WWW-Authenticate Header     0.08

Other Files