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Clinton Gormley > Search-Elasticsearch-Async-6.00


This Release Search-Elasticsearch-Async-6.00  [Download] [Browse 14 Nov 2017
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License The Apache License, Version 2.0, January 2004
Special Files


Search::Elasticsearch::Async Async API for Elasticsearch using Promises     6.00
Search::Elasticsearch::Async::Util A utility class for internal use by Elasticsearch     6.00
Search::Elasticsearch::Client::6_0::Async Thin async client with full support for Elasticsearch 6.x APIs     6.00
Search::Elasticsearch::Client::6_0::Async::Bulk A helper module for the Bulk API     6.00
Search::Elasticsearch::Client::6_0::Async::Scroll A helper module for scrolled searches     6.00
Search::Elasticsearch::Cxn::AEHTTP An async Cxn implementation which uses AnyEvent::HTTP     6.00
Search::Elasticsearch::Cxn::Mojo An async Cxn implementation which uses Mojo::UserAgent     6.00
Search::Elasticsearch::CxnPool::Async::Sniff An async CxnPool for connecting to a local cluster with a dynamic node list     6.00
Search::Elasticsearch::CxnPool::Async::Static An async CxnPool for connecting to a remote cluster with a static list of nodes.     6.00
Search::Elasticsearch::CxnPool::Async::Static::NoPing An async CxnPool for connecting to a remote cluster without the ability to ping.     6.00
Search::Elasticsearch::Role::Cxn::Async Provides common functionality to async Cxn implementations     6.00
Search::Elasticsearch::Role::Is_Async A role to mark classes which should be used with other async classes     6.00
Search::Elasticsearch::Transport::Async Provides async interface between the client class and the Elasticsearch cluster     6.00