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Андрей Мищенко > Morpheus-0.45


This Release Morpheus-0.45  [Download] [Browse 10 Dec 2012
Latest Release Morpheus-0.46  [Download] [Browse 10 Dec 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Morpheus the ultimate configuration engine     0.45
Morpheus::Bootstrap initial morpheus plugin which loads all other plugins     0.45
Morpheus::Bootstrap::Extra extra plugins - Env and File     0.45
Morpheus::Bootstrap::Vital bootstrap enabling Overrides and Defaults functionality     0.45
Morpheus::Defaults plugin for defining configuration from perl code     0.45
Morpheus::Key class representing config key     0.45
Morpheus::Overrides plugin for overriding configuration from perl code     0.45
Morpheus::Plugin::Content base class for plugins that evaluate user defined perl configs     0.45
Morpheus::Plugin::DB plugin reading configs from SQL DB     0.45
Morpheus::Plugin::Env plugin which provides config values based on MORPHEUS env variable     0.45
Morpheus::Plugin::File plugin reading perl-based configs     0.45
Morpheus::Plugin::Simple plugin for simple static configuration     0.45
Morpheus::Utils some common functions which don't fit anywhere else     0.45


morph Morpheus configuration tree dumper.  

Other Files