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David Solimano > Finance-Bank-SentinelBenefits-Csv401kConverter-0.5 > Finance::Bank::SentinelBenefits::Csv401kConverter::QifWriter



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Module Version: 0.5   Source   Latest Release: Finance-Bank-SentinelBenefits-Csv401kConverter-1.0



version 0.5 Finance::Bank::SentinelBenefits::Csv401kConverter::QifWriter - Takes Finance::Bank::SentinelBenefits::Csv401kConverter::Line objects and writes them out to a QIF file


This class is responsible for taking a set of Lines and writing them out to QIF format. We use the class Finance::QIF to do the acutal writing to disk. If you pass it a secondary set of account information, it will also take any company matches, reverse their values, and write them to a secondary file. This is to allow you to keep track of your unvested balance.

Constructor ^


    my $l = Finance::Bank::SentinelBenefits::Csv401kConverter::QifWrite->new( {
    main_output_filename => $main_output_filename,
    flip_output_filename => $flip_output_filename, ( optional )
    account           => $account,
    trade_date        => $trade_date,
    } );

  Constructs a new QifWriter for the given trade date and account.  Each qif writer can only generate to one trade date and account, and one main file.

Accessors ^


The date of the transactions


The account of the transactions


The output file name that the QIF lines are written to.

Methods ^


Writes one line out to the QIF file. Line is of type Finance::Bank::SentinelBenefits::Csv401kConverter::Line

Closes the writer, ensuring that data is flushed to disk. Calling output_line after this is an error.

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