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Darren Duncan > Muldis-D-0.200.1


This Release Muldis-D-0.200.1  [Download] [Browse 07 Mar 2015
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License The GNU General Public License, Version 3, June 2007
Special Files


Muldis::D Formal spec of Muldis D relational DBMS lang  
Muldis::D::Outdated Parts of the Muldis D spec yet to be rewritten  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Basics 10,000 Mile View of Muldis D  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Conventions Style and design guidelines for Muldis D  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core Muldis D core data types and operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Array Muldis D Array specific operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Attributive Muldis D generic attributive operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Bag Muldis D Bag specific operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Blob Muldis D bit string operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Boolean Muldis D boolean logic operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Cast Muldis D explicit type-casting operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Collective Muldis D generic collective operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Integer Muldis D integer numeric operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Interval Muldis D generic interval operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Numeric Muldis D generic numeric operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Ordered Muldis D generic ordered-sensitive operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Rational Muldis D rational numeric operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Relation Muldis D generic relational operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Routines_Catalog Muldis D data definition routines  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::STDIO Muldis D routines for basic command-line user I/O  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Scalar Muldis D operators for all scalar types  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Set Muldis D Set and Maybe specific operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Stringy Muldis D generic stringy operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Text Muldis D character string operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Tuple Muldis D generic tuple operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Types Muldis D general purpose data types  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Types_Catalog Muldis D catalog-defining data types  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Core::Universal Muldis D generic operators for all data types  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Dialect::HDMD_Perl5_STD How to format Perl 5 Hosted Data Muldis D  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Dialect::HDMD_Perl6_STD How to format Perl 6 Hosted Data Muldis D  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Dialect::PTMD_STD How to format Plain Text Muldis D  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Ext::Counted Muldis D extension for count-sensitive relational operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Ext::Spatial Muldis D extension for spatial data types and operators  
Muldis::D::Outdated::Ext::Temporal Muldis D extension for temporal data types and operators  
Muldis::D::SeeAlso External resources that you really ought to look at