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Paul Winkeler > NBU-0.95


This Release NBU-0.95  [Download] [Browse 24 Jul 2008
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Special Files


NBU Main entry point for NetBackup OO Modules     1.42
NBU::Class Support for NBU Policies (formerly known as Classes)     1.29
NBU::Drive Support for tape Drives     1.24
NBU::File Support for data on individually backed up files     1.03
NBU::Fragment Interface to backup set fragments as stored by NetBackup     1.11
NBU::Host Implements support for clients, Media Servers and Masters alike     1.33
NBU::Image Support for NetBackup Images, i.e. discrete backup sets     1.39
NBU::Job Interface to NetBackup Job manipulation and reporting     1.64
NBU::License Support for NetBackup licensing information gathering     1.06
NBU::Media Every backup volume is represented by an NBU::Media object     1.45
NBU::Mount Model NetBackup mount events in the course of a backup job     1.13
NBU::Path     1.03
NBU::Pool Volume Pool Support     1.08
NBU::Retention Retention Level modeling     1.07
NBU::Robot Interface to NetBackup robot manipulation and querying routines     1.23
NBU::Schedule Model policy (formerly Class) execution schedules     1.15
NBU::StorageUnit Provide Access to NetBackup Storage Unit information and configuration     1.21

Documentation Analyze Which File-Systems (if any) Are Backed Up Monitor NetBackup Drive Status Display host backup history NetBackup job status reporting An active backup job monitoring utility for NetBackup Compute tape volumes needed for WM(S/Q) refresh Report and Analyze Tape Robot Contents Return empty volumes back to scratch pool Volume table of contents listing List Contents of NetBackup Volume Db and Media Manager Db Volume attribute analysis tool