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NAME ^ - Analyze Which File-Systems (if any) Are Backed Up

SYNOPSIS ^ [options...] [hostname [hostname ...]]


NetBackup's command line utility bpcoverage provides most of the fodder for this script. However, by pulling in information on all the policies of which the list of hosts are members a more complete picture can be drawn.

By default all file-systems on each host are listed along with all policies that explicitly reference them. Inactive policies are shown in parentheses.

Policies which apply to the client but do not reference a particular file-system are listed separately. These could be policies associated with database extension agents, or simply policies with file-lists with entries starting somewhere below any file-system mount-points.

For Windows based hosts substitute the concept of mount-point with drive-letter. Note that NetBackup is very strict about wanting the drive-letter references in the policy file-list in upper case, with the colon but without a leading back-slash.

Without any hostnames, will list coverage information on all clients known to the master server.



Only list file-systems that are covered.


Only list file-systems that are uncovered.


Produce output in XML format


Winkeler, Paul


Copyright (C) 2002 Paul Winkeler

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