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NAME ^ - Volume table of contents listing

SYNOPSIS ^ [-bRU] [-e <n>] <volume-label> [volume-label ...]


NetBackup's catalog of backups is maintained in the form of images where each image maps one-to-one to a backup stream written to tape. A volume's table of contents then is anothing more than a list of the images contained on it. Each entry on the tape is listed in this form:

<image#>[.<mpx#>]:Fragment <frag#> of <policy> written on <drive> from <server>: <offset>/<size>: Created <date>; Expires <date>

Set the -b option and you'll also see the image backupid value. This is helpful when expiring specific images from a tape.



To peer inside the fragments themselves and see what files were backed up inside each of them, use the -R option. By default the file list will be sorted alphabetically.


Setting the -U option will leave the fragment's file list in its unsorted native order.

-e <n>

All active images on a tape have their expiration extended by <n> days. (Simply freezing a tape prevents it from being over-written but does not keep NetBackup from expiring the images!)



Winkeler, Paul


Copyright (C) 2002 Paul Winkeler

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