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Module Version: 0.1.3   Source  


WWW::TasteKid - A Perl interface to the API of


Version 0.1.3


    NOTE: Their terms of service have changed you need to send them a 
    API use request first:

    use WWW::TasteKid;

    my $tskd = WWW::TasteKid->new;

    # let's find new music to explore based on our interest in Bach (music)
    $tskd->query({ type => 'music', name => 'bach' });

    my $res = $tc->results_resource;

    foreach my $r (@{$res}){
        print $r->name,"\n";

    #output: (something similiar to)
    George Frideric Handel
    Joseph Haydn
    Johannes Brahms
    Franz Schubert
    Claudio Monteverdi
    Arcangelo Corelli
    Antonio Vivaldi
    Robert Schumann
    Henry Purcell
    Felix Mendelssohn
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    Gustav Mahler
    Thomas Tallis
    Richard Strauss
    Richard Wagner
    Edvard Grieg
    Giuseppe Verdi
    Igor Stravinsky
    Franz Liszt
    Maurice Ravel
    Olivier Messiaen
    Sergei Prokofiev

DESCRIPTION ^, Get suggestions of similar or related music
   (mainly bands), movies (titles mostly, some directors and actors)
   and books. Simply put, "I can help you explore your taste". 

   Potentially discover a new band (movie/book) in the 
   same 'ilk' as a currently known one.

(From the website)

TasteKid suggests similar or related music (mainly bands), movies (titles mostly, some directors and actors) and books.

Recommendations you might be interested in if you like what you tell me that you like :P

Simply put, I can help you explore your taste.

How to search?

The simplest way is to write down in the big text input your favorite band, artist, movie or book, and hit "Enter" or click "Suggest".

  Via WWW::TasteKid API:

  my $tskd = WWW::TasteKid->new;

  $tskd->query({ name => 'bach' });


  foreach my $r (@{ $tskd->results_resource }){
      print $r->name,"\n";

Telling me about more than one thing. You can search by giving me as input more that one band, movie or book, using the "," operator. Example: harry potter, lord of the rings.

  Via WWW::TasteKid API:

  $tskd->query({ name => 'harry potter' });

  $tskd->query({ name => 'lord of the rings' });

  $tskd->query({ name => 'bach' });


The remember/forget option Especially if you've entered many bands, movies and books, to better describe your taste and get more recommendations, it is likely you would prefer to save your search, so you wouldn't have to re-type it next time you visit me. For this purpose, each search can be remembered, if you click the "Remember" link underneath the big search text input. One thing though, you can only have me remember one search at a time.

  Via WWW::TasteKid API;
  Not (Yet) Implemented

Telling me the type of your input Sometimes you might want to specify the type of your input (is it a band, is it a movie, is it a book). You can do this by using the "band:" (music), "movie:" or "book:: operators. Examples: band:underworld, movie:harry potter, book:trainspotting.

  Via WWW::TasteKid API:

  $tskd->query({ type => 'music', name => 'underworld' });

  $tskd->query({ type => 'movie', name => 'harry potter' });

  $tskd->query({ type => 'book', name => 'trainspotting' });


Telling me the type of results you prefer If you want me to provide a certain type of results, you can tell me this by using the "//bands", "//movies" and "//books" operators, at the end of your query. Examples: the beatles//movies, fight club//music, pulp fiction//books.

  Via WWW::TasteKid API:

  $tskd->query({ name => 'the beatles' });

  $tskd->ask({ filter => 'movies' });

  #process results,...

  # new query

  $tskd->query({ name => 'fight club' });

  $tskd->ask({ filter => 'music' });

  #process results,...

  # new query

  $tskd->query({ name => 'pulp fiction' });

  $tskd->ask({ filter => 'books', verbose => 1 });

  #process results,...

Of course, you can combine all these parameters, in order to better describe your taste and help me come up with more relevant recommendations. Example: movie:harry potter, book:harry potter//music.

  Via WWW::TasteKid API:

  # one query
  $tskd->query({ type => 'movie', name => 'the beatles' });

  $tskd->query({ type => 'music', name => 'fight club' });

  $tskd->query({ type => 'books', name => 'pulp fiction' });

  $tskd->ask({ filter => 'music', verbose => 1 });

additional info:

OVERVIEW ^ - Potentially discover a new band (movie/book) in the same ilk as a current favorite

(Similar 'in theory' to and Apple's iTunes 'Genius')

See 'Description' above


See Synopsis

Also see examples/ and t/06* included with the distribution. (available from the CPAN if not included on your system)


An object of this class represents an TasteKid API query


  my $taste_kid = WWW::TasteKid->new; 

  Create a new WWW::TasteKid Object; 

  Takes no arguments


  $taste_kid->ask( $opts_hash_ref );

  queries the TasteKid API

  arguments are optional. if supplied, is a hash reference.

  verbose - boolean  // $taste_kid->ask( { verbose => 1 });

  filter - only return results who's 'type' (see query) matches the filter

           possibilites are: music, movies or books.

          // $taste_kid->ask( { filter => 'music' });


  arguments: (a hash reference)

  'name' is required. 
  'type' argument is optional.
         if specified can be one of: 'music, movie, book'

  name specifies the term you are sending to TasteKid to get related
  suggestions about.

  There can only be one name per query, however you can have many queries
  per single request, example:

   $tskd->query({ name => 'bach' }); # 'bach' is obvious, type will default
                                     # to music

   $tskd->query({ type => 'movie', name => 'amadeus' });

   $tskd->query({ type => 'book',  name => 'star trek' });

   $tskd->query({ type => 'movie',  name => 'star wars' });

   $tskd->astk({ verbose => 1 });



  will return the most recent request from 'ask' (see above) in 
  the TasteKid XML format.

  this method is public but not really useful to the end user unless you want 
  to parse the xml result yourself ;)


    takes no arguments.

    returns the info part of your request. 
    (i.e. what was determined to be your query and was sent to 
      'ask' as your query requst)

    the results returned are a L<TasteKidResult> object. 
    (see L<TasteKidResult> for available methods. 
    Current available public methods are: name, type, wteaser, 
    wurl, ytitle, yurl)

    my $tastekid = WWW::TasteKid->new;

    # single requst example
    $tastekid->query({ name => 'bach' });


    my $res = $tastekid->info_resource;

    print $res->[0]->name # Johann Sebastian Bach
    print $res->[0]->type # music

    # a multi requst example
    $tastekid->query({ name => 'bach' });

    $tastekid->query({ name => 'haydn' });

    $tastekid->query({ name => 'brahms' });

    $tastekid->ask({ verbose => 1 });

    $res = $tastekid->info_resource;

    print $res->[1]->name; # 'Joseph Haydn';

    print $res->[2]->name; # 'Johannes Brahms';

    print $res->[2]->type; # 'music';

    print $res->[2]->wteaser; # wikipedia page if exists

    print $res->[2]->wurl; # wikipedia link used

    print $res->[2]->ytitle; # youtube title of video if exists

    print $res->[2]->yurl; # youtube video if exists


    identical usage as info_resource except returns the actual 
    suggestions returned by the TasteKid API. These are the results
    you are probably most interested in ;)

    my $tastekid = WWW::TasteKid->new;

    $tastekid->query({ name => 'bach' });


    my $results = $tastekid->results_resource;

    foreach my $tkr (@{$results}) {
        print $tkr->name,"\n";
        print $tkr->type,"\n";
        print $tkr->wteaser,"\n";
        print $tkr->wurl,"\n";
        print $tkr->ytitle,"\n";
        print $tkr->yurl,"\n";


     used for debugging. 'dump' the query that will be sent to the TasteKid


None currently known


if you are running perl > 5.8.1 and have access to install cpan modules, you should have no problem installing this module

no special configuration used


WWW::TasteKid uses the following modules:







criticism (pragma - enforce Perl::Critic if installed)

version(pragma - version numbers)






WWW::TasteKidResult (comes bundled)

there shouldn't be any restrictions on versions of the above modules, as long as you have a relatively new perl > 5.0008 most of these are in the standard Perl distribution, otherwise they are common enough to be pre packaged for your operating systems package system or easily downloaded and installed from the CPAN.


none known of



David Wright, <david_v_wright at>


Please report any bugs or feature requests to bug-www-tastekid at, or through the web interface at I will be notified, and then you'll automatically be notified of progress on your bug as I make changes.


You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc WWW::TasteKid

You can also look for information at:


potentially a remember/forget option

addtl features, possibly some sort of 'enable send' suggestions?


Some acronyms utilized while making of this module:





this module was created with module-starter

module-starter --module=WWW::TasteKid \ --author="David Wright"


Copyright 2009 David Wright, all rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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