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David E. Wheeler > App-Info-0.57


This Release App-Info-0.57  [Download] [Browse 19 Jun 2011
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::Info Information about software packages on a system     0.57
App::Info::HTTPD Information about web servers on a system     0.57
App::Info::HTTPD::Apache Information about Apache web server     0.57
App::Info::Handler App::Info event handler base class     0.57
App::Info::Handler::Carp Use Carp to handle App::Info events     0.57
App::Info::Handler::Print Print App::Info event messages     0.57
App::Info::Handler::Prompt Prompting App::Info event handler     0.57
App::Info::Lib Information about software libraries on a system     0.57
App::Info::Lib::Expat Information about the Expat XML parser     0.57
App::Info::Lib::Iconv Information about libiconv     0.57
App::Info::Lib::OSSPUUID Information about the OSSP UUID library     0.57
App::Info::RDBMS Information about databases on a system     0.57
App::Info::RDBMS::PostgreSQL Information about PostgreSQL     0.57
App::Info::RDBMS::SQLite Information about SQLite     0.57
App::Info::Request App::Info event handler request object     0.57
App::Info::Util Utility class for App::Info subclasses     0.57

Other Files