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Source   Latest Release: App-Sqitch-0.992

Name ^

sqitch-log-usage - Sqitch log usage statement

Usage ^

  sqitch [<db-options>] log [<options>]

Options ^

Search options:

    --event                          type of event
    --change-pattern    --change     match regex against change names
    --committer-pattern --committer  match regex against committer names
 -n --max-count                      show only specified number of events
    --skip                           skip the specified number of events
    --reverse                        show events in reverse order
    --no-reverse                     don't show events in reverse order


 -f --format                         show events in the specified format
    --date-format       --date       show dates in the specified format
    --color                          use ANSI colors
    --no-color                       never use ANSI colors
    --abrev                          abbreviate change IDs
    --online                         shorthand for --format oneline --abbrev 6
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