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David E. Wheeler > App-Sqitch-0.992 > sqitchusage


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Source   Latest Release: App-Sqitch-0.9997

Usage ^

  sqitch [<options>] <command> [<command-options>] [<args>]

Options ^

  -f --plan-file  FILE    Path to a deployment plan file.
     --engine     ENGINE  Database engine.
     --db-client  PATH    Path to the engine command-line client.
  -d --db-name    NAME    Database name.
  -u --db-user    USER    Database user name.
  -h --db-host    HOST    Database server host name.
  -p --db-port    PORT    Database server port number.
     --top-dir    DIR     Path to directory with plan and scripts.
     --deploy-dir DIR     Path to directory with deployment scripts.
     --revert-dir DIR     Path to directory with reversion scripts.
     --verify-dir DIR     Path to directory with verify scripts.
     --extension  EXT     SQL script file name extension.
     --etc-path           Print the path to the etc directory and exit.
     --quiet              Quiet mode with non-error output suppressed.
  -v --verbose            Increment verbosity.
     --version            Print the version number and exit.
     --help               Show a list of commands and exit.
     --man                Print the introductory documentation and exit.
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