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David E. Wheeler > App-Sqitch-0.993 > sqitch-tag


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Source   Latest Release: App-Sqitch-0.9997

Name ^

sqitch-tag - Create or list tag objects

Synopsis ^

  sqitch [options] tag
  sqitch [options] tag name
  sqitch [options] tag name change
  sqitch [options] tag [-n MESSAGE] name

Description ^

Tag a change or list the existing tags. Tagging a change is useful for preparing for a release. Tags are also required in order to rework a change.

To specify a change, use a change specification as documented in sqitchchanges. If called with a tag name but no change, the most recent change will be tagged. If called with no name specified, a list of the current tags will be output.

Options ^


A brief note describing the tag. The note will be attached to the tag as a comment. Multiple invocations will be concatenated together as separate paragraphs.

For you Git folks out there, -m also works.

Configuration Variables ^

None currently.

Sqitch ^

Part of the sqitch suite.

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