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Module Version: v0.12.4   Source  

Name ^

WWW::PGXN::Tag - Tag metadata fetched from PGXN

Synopsis ^

  my $pgxn = WWW::PGXN->new( url => '' );
  my $tag  = $pgxn->get_tag('unit testing');
  say $tag->name;

Description ^

This module represents PGXN tag metadata fetched from PGXN>. It is not intended to be constructed directly, but via the "get_tag" in WWW::PGXN method of WWW::PGXN.

Interface ^

Instance Accessors


  my $name = $tag->name;

The name of the tag.


  my $releases = $tag->releases;

Returns a hash reference describing all of the distributions ever released with the tag. The keys of are distribution names and the values are hash references that may contain the following keys:


An array reference containing hashes of versions and release dates of all releases of the distribution with the named release status, ordered from most to least recent.


A brief description of the distribution. Available only from the PGXN API, not mirrors.

Here's an example of the releases data structure:

      explanation => {
          abstract => 'Turn an explain plan into a proximity tree',
          stable => [
              { version => '0.2.0', date => '2011-02-21T20:14:56Z' }
      pair => {
          abstract => 'A key/value pair data type',
          stable => [
              { version => '0.1.1', date => '2010-10-22T16:32:52Z' },
              { version => '0.1.0', date => '2010-10-19T03:59:54Z' }
          testing => [
              { version => '0.0.1', date => '2010-09-23T14:23:52Z' }

See Also ^

Support ^

This module is stored in an open GitHub repository. Feel free to fork and contribute!

Please file bug reports via GitHub Issues or by sending mail to

Author ^

David E. Wheeler <>

Copyright and License ^

Copyright (c) 2011 David E. Wheeler. Some Rights Reserved.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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