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This script is part of the SOAP::Transport::ACTIVEWORKS testing suite.

This script uses the SOAP-Lite dispatching mechanism to publish a SOAP request to an http server given in the 'proxy' parameter. The server in turn passes the request data to the 'AwGateway' module 'relay' method. The 'AwGateway' module is a normal SOAP module and must be installed in a 'SafeModules' directory specified in the http server configuration.

The 'AwGateway' module creates an ActiveWorks client and publishes an 'AdapterDevKit::calcRequest' event directly to the ActiveWorks broker specified in the dispatcher 'uri' parameter. The event published by AwGateway must be specified by the '_event_type' field of the '%request' hash. See the AwGateway documentation for details.

The companion '' script is the intended recipient adapter.

The SOAP::Transport::ACTIVEWORKS module is NOT employed.

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