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musictag ^

musictag -- Quick access to Music::Tag features


        musictag --preset "clean" /path/to/mp3/file.mp3

This will perform all cleanup operations on mp3 file.



Take filenames from standard input in addition to command line.


Choose a preset list of options. Currently the following presets are defined by default


Is the equivalent of --plugin="File,MusicBrainz,Amazon,Lyrics" --keepmtime


Is the equivalent of --plugin="File,MusicBrainz,Amazon,Lyrics" --keepmtime --safe


Is the equivalent of --plugin="MusicBrainz"


Is the equivalent of --plugin="File,MusicBrainz" --move=1 --dest="."


Specify a plugin to add (input and outpout). Plugin options can be expressed in the form option=value. For example, to use Amazon with the German store, try


Specify an output plugin. This is like --plugin except that it is ONLY used for output. For example, if you wanted to write cover art to a file but not read from a file you would use

    --plugin="Amazon" --outputplugin="File"

Specify an input plugin. This is like --outputplugin for input.


Specify additional options for all plugins. These optons are specified in key-value form. For example

        --plugin="Amazon,MusicBrainz" --pluginoptions="trust_title=1"

Would set the trusttitle option in both Amazon and MusicBrainz.


Do not change the music file. Output plugins are still processed, just not the default plugin associated with the file extension.


Trust title (over track number). Used by MusicBrainz and Amazon plugins.


Trust track number (over title). Used by MusicBrainz and Amazon plugins.


Trust track time more. Used by MusicBrainz and Amazon plugins.


Trust total number of tracks. Used by MusicBrainz and Amazon plugins.


Remove tag from file before writing new tag. Only used by MP3::Tag at the moment. Useful to convert from id3v2.4 to id3v2.3 or to clean up cruft from tags.


Do not change artist, album, title, and track number. Useful if all you want is a cover, and don't want to risk changing these.


Produce more output.


Shut up already.


Attempt to keep mtime after tag change. Rarely works and requires you to run as root.


Sleep between iterations. Keeps you from hammering Amazon or MusicBrainz.


Overwrite lyrics already saved.


Overwrite cover artwork already saved.


Resave tag no matter what.


Dump raw tag info to stdout. Very useful.


Get a specific tag info. Great for scripts.


Move file to sorted location. If --move is set and a --dest is set, will sort your files. For example:

        musictag --move --dest="/nicely/sorted/" /poorly/sorted

This will resort the whole folder.


Copy file to sorted location. Same as move but copies.


Link file to sorted location. Same as move but links.


Symbolic link file to sorted location. Same as move but uses symbmolic links.


Set root path for sorted location. Will sort files in Artist/Album.


sort without spaces.


Regex of characters to convert to underscore in filenames when sorting


Quick and dirty help.


Help file with more detail.

Tag Set Options

Setting any of these will set the equivalent tag manually.



Configuration file is located at ~/.musictag/default.conf. See sample/default.conf for details.


Music::Tag::Amazon, Music::Tag::File, Music::Tag::FLAC, Music::Tag::Lyrics, Music::Tag::M4A, Music::Tag::MP3, Music::Tag::MusicBrainz, Music::Tag::OGG, Music::Tag::Option


Edward Allen III <ealleniii _at_ cpan _dot_ org>


Copyright (c) 2007,2008 Edward Allen III. Some rights reserved.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License, distributed with Perl.

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