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Module Version: 3.1.0   Source  


Lemonldap::Portal::Login - Login module for the lemonldap open source SSO system


In the lemonldap SSO system, Lemonldap::Portal::Login is the module which is reponsible ofdisplaying un html authentication page to a user in order to authenticate him and create a session for fim. So after that, this user can access his applications.


In order to get Lemonldap::Portal::Login working, you must make some configuration with Apache. Here is an example illustrating a lemonldap login virtual host :

Listen 443 <VirtualHost *:443> ServerName testdac.mysite.mydomain

        #LogLevel debug

        # https activation
        SSLEngine on
        SSLCertificateFile XXXXXXX.crt
        SSLCertificateKeyFile XXXXXXX.key

        # Loading Lemonldap::Portal::Login module
        PerlModule Lemonldap::Portal::Login
        <Location /DACLogin>
                # let execute under mod_perl
                SetHandler perl-script
                # execute in the response generation phase of apache request handling
                PerlResponseHandler Lemonldap::Portal::Login
                # the domain wich we control
                PerlSetVar Domain mysite.mydomain
                # the name of the organization
                PerlSetVar Organization MyOrganization
                # wich ldap attribut of the user we need
                PerlSetVar LdapUserAttributes "profilApplicatif"
                # wich attribut is the login of the user
                PerlSetVar LdapFilterAttribute uid
                # name of the lemonldap cookie
                PerlSetVar Cookie lemondgi
                # make a control based on ip adresse before using the lemonldap cookie
                PerlSetVar ClientIPCheck 1
                # Timeout inactivity berfore the session expires
                PerlSetVar InactivityTimeout 900
                # ldap server
                PerlSetVar Ldap_Server xxxxx
                # dn manager of the ldap server
                PerlSetVar DnManager xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                # password of the dn manager
                PerlSetVar PasswordManager xxxxxxxx
                # branch where to do the ldap search
                PerlSetVar Ldap_Branch_People xxxxx
                # memcached local and central server
                PerlSetVar SessionParams "( local => ['localhost:11211'] , servers => ['])"
                # template of the login page
                PerlSetVar LoginPage /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/templates/login.thtml


SEE ALSO Lemonldap::Handlers::Generic4a2, Lemonldap::Portal::Standard ^

AUTHORS Eric GERMAN <> Hamza AISSAT <> Habib ZITOUNI <> Olivier THOMAS <> Ali POUYA <> Shervin AHMADI <> ^

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