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Source   Latest Release: Lingua-PT-Conjugate-1.18


unconj - A program for recognizing conjugated forms of portuguese verbs.


 > unconj dormisse
 dormisse : 
   dormir, conjuntivo imperfeito, 1
   dormir, conjuntivo imperfeito, 3

 > unconj foi     
 foi : 
   ir, perfeito, 3
   ser, perfeito, 3


-a : Try to recognize when accents are wrong.
-A : If no match is found, then try to recognize with option -a.


Composed tenses are not recognized. The verb list contains many non-verbs that I have not removed yet.

AUTHOR Etienne Grossmann, 1999 [] ^


Thanks to Soraia Almeida ( from the Logos project ( and Ulisses Pinto and José João Almeida from Projecto Natura ( who made Ispell available.

A big part of the list of verb infinitives comes from files used in Ispell ( and in Logos (, these projects. Some verbs were removed and others added by hand.

SEE ALSO : unconj, conjug, treinar. ^

VERSION 0.01 ^

AUTHOR Etienne Grossmann, 1999 [] ^

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