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Bryan Baldus > MARC-Errorchecks-1.17a > Makefile.PL


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Source   Latest Release: MARC-Errorchecks-1.18


This file is untested on any platform. I use MacPerl (5.8.0a2) and Win32/Win64 versions of Perl. I have no experience with automatic installations (the standard make process). If this file fails to install the module, please install manually:

1. Install MARC::Record (version 1.38 or greater, though 2.0+ would be preferred). 2. Find where the MARC::Record module resides on your system. 3. Place the files and directories from the /MARC/ directory of this module distribution in the MARC directory next to the file. 4. Place the files in the bin/ directory whereever such files normally go on your system.

Thank you, Bryan Baldus

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