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Robin Redeker > Games-Construder-0.95


This Release Games-Construder-0.95  [Download] [Browse 18 Jul 2011
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License The GNU Affero General Public License, Version 3, November 2007
Special Files


Games::Construder A 3D game written in Perl, which is actually playable!     0.95
Games::Construder::Client Client Networking Implementation      
Games::Construder::Client::Frontend Client Rendering, Physics, Keyboard handling and UI management      
Games::Construder::Client::Resources Manage textures and object type attributes for the Client      
Games::Construder::Client::UI Client GUI implementation      
Games::Construder::Client::World Client collision detection and world utilities      
Games::Construder::Logging This module takes care of logging construder client and server output.      
Games::Construder::Protocol Client-Server Protocol Utility Functions      
Games::Construder::Server Server side networking and player management      
Games::Construder::Server::Objects Implementation of Object Type specific behaviour      
Games::Construder::Server::PCB Programming Language implementation for the PCBs      
Games::Construder::Server::PatStorHandle Generic handling of Inventory and Storage      
Games::Construder::Server::Player Implementation of Player central Game Mechanics (the heart of the game)      
Games::Construder::Server::Resources Server side Resource manangent and balancing      
Games::Construder::Server::UI Server-side Userinterface for Player interaction      
Games::Construder::Server::World Server side world management and utility functions      
Games::Construder::UI Construder Userinterface Theme Definition      
Games::Construder::Vector Vector Math Utilities