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Module Version: 0.01_01   Source  


Wx::Data::Manager - Managing asynchrounous Wx controls data requests (with POE!)


Wx::Data::Manager gives the capabilities to fetch data directly from your Wx controls, asychronously !

Since it uses POE, you should know that it can be used in your programs if you already have a POE loop running. But since you use wxPerl we believe the POE event loop is very appropriate for wxPerl and we encourage you to take a look at this.

Wx::Data::Manager is very modular and you can add functionnalities as plugins very simply, you can add your own plugins too !

You can use different engines to access data sources through various protocols.

The first release comes with a single engine, which is HTTP.


   use Wx::Data::Manager;
   # let's fetch something from yahoo, it's possible to spawn several
   # data managers that would reply on differents POE aliases with
   # various engines
   # each data manager creates its own session and other session as
   # needed by engines or plugins
      alias    => 'test_data_manager',
      engine   => {
         name     => 'Wx::Data::Engine::HTTP',
         server   => "",
         alias    => 'http_engine'

   # the POE loop ! .. here comes the voodoo 

   # you can create controls and make them inherit from Wx::Data::Controls
   # that will allow you do data calls very easily from your controls like this
   my $control = Control->new(undef, -1, 'test', [0,0], [10,10]);

   $control->refresh_data( undef, {
      uri            => "/",
      data_manager   => 'test_data_manager',


Ed Heil <>, Mike Schroeder <>, Eriam Schaffter <>


Wx, POE, Wx::Data::Engine::*

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