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Erik Pihl Østlyngen > DNS-LDNS-0.61


This Release DNS-LDNS-0.61  [Download] [Browse 30 Dec 2016
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Special Files


DNS::LDNS Perl extension for the ldns library     0.61
DNS::LDNS::DNSSecDataChain DNSSec data chain element     0.61
DNS::LDNS::DNSSecName Dname with rrsets in a dnssec zone     0.61
DNS::LDNS::DNSSecRRSets Linked list of rrsets in a dnssec zone     0.61
DNS::LDNS::DNSSecRRs Linked list of rrs in a dnssec zone     0.61
DNS::LDNS::DNSSecTrustTree Trust tree from signed RR to trust anchors     0.61
DNS::LDNS::DNSSecZone Zone with dnssec data     0.61
DNS::LDNS::GC Garbage collector, used internally by the DNS::LDNS modules     0.61
DNS::LDNS::Key DNSSec private key     0.61
DNS::LDNS::KeyList Linked list of dnssec keys     0.61
DNS::LDNS::Packet DNS packet     0.61
DNS::LDNS::RBNode Node in the RBTree     0.61
DNS::LDNS::RBTree Tree of DNSSecName nodes     0.61
DNS::LDNS::RData Rdata field or a dname in an rr     0.61
DNS::LDNS::RR Resource record     0.61
DNS::LDNS::RRList List of rrs     0.61
DNS::LDNS::Resolver DNS resolver     0.61
DNS::LDNS::Zone Parsed zonefile     0.61