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subjmap-tmpl - generate a MARC::SubjectMap configuration template


    subjmap-tmpl --in=marc.dat --out=config.xml --copy=600aq \
        --translate=600xyzv --copy=610ab --translate=610xyzv 


The MARC::SubjectMap framework allows you to generate transalted versions of subject headings in MARC records. The magic of translation is really no magic at all, and is only the result of translations provided via an XML configuration file. This XML configuration file maps field/subfield combinations from one language into another language: each mapping is known as a rule.

Obviously, there are lots of combintions so subjmap-tmpl allows you to autogenerate a template of the XML configuration using a batch of MARC records as source. For example if you wanted to create a configuration that would translate subfields x,y,z,v in the 600 and simply copy over the contents of subfileds a and q you could issue this command:

    subjmap-tmpl --in=marc.dat --out=config.xml --copy=600aq \

This would read in the MARC batch file marc.dat, analyze all the 600 fields and write out an XML configuration to config.xml. This configuration would be lacking the <translation> elements, which would have to be manually filled in.

See subjmap for the application which actually does the translation.


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