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This Release Gimp-2.31  [Download] [Browse 29 Jun 2014
Latest Release Gimp-2.32  [Download] [Browse 08 May 2016
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Special Files


Gimp Write GIMP extensions/plug-ins/load- and save-handlers in Perl     2.31
Gimp::Constant     2.31
Gimp::Data Set and get persistent data.      
Gimp::Extension Easy framework for Gimp-Perl extensions     2.31
Gimp::Fu Easy framework for Gimp-Perl scripts     2.31
Gimp::Lib Interface to libgimp (as opposed to Gimp::Net)     2.31
Gimp::Net Communication module for the gimp-perl server.     2.31
Gimp::Pod Evaluate pod documentation embedded in scripts.     2.31
Gimp::UI Programming interface to libgimpui, plus Gtk widgets for other parameter types.     2.31
Gimp::Util Handy routines for Gimp-Perl users     2.31


Gimp::Config Access config options found during configure time.  
Gimp::PixelRgn Operate on raw pixels in powerful, efficient way.  
alpha_fade Fade the alpha channel of a layer from one side to another  
animate_cells Perform cell animation from a single, layered image  
billboard Spin image about the horizontal axis, and end up with another image.  
blowinout Blow selected layer in/out  
blur_2x2/contrast_enhance_2x2/edge_detect_2x2 Use a fast 2x2 kernel to detect edges/enhance/smooth image  
burst Bursts from a central location  
center_guide Creates h- & v-guides at the center of the image.  
center_layer Center Layer  
ditherize Dithers current selection  
do_bricks Generate brick texture  
dots Create evenly spaced dots on a layer, within a selection  
dust Add dust to image  
embedxpm embed xpm pictures into perl source  
example-net Demonstrate use of Gimp-Perl "net mode"  
example_script Gimp::Fu example, mostly non-functional  
extension_autosave2 Periodically save all open images to temporary files  
extension_demo Demo extension showing persistent data  
extension_gp_test Demo Gimp::Extension  
extension_perl_server Gimp-Perl scripts net server  
feedback Take an image and feed it back onto itself multiple times  
file_colorhtml_save Saves the image as coloured html text  
file_dataurl_save Saves the image as many small tiles using data:-urls  
gallerymaker Generate your gallery in HTML format + some picture improvements  
gimpdoc print documentation on GIMP PDB functions  
glowing_steel Logo plugin for GIMP  
golden_mean Creates a new image with a ratio according to the Golden Mean  
guide_grid Creates a grid of guides  
guide_to_selection Puts a selection mask around the guides  
image_tile Tile images to form a larger image  
inner_bevel Perform an inner bevel on text  
intensitylandscape Generate an intensity based landscape  
layer_apply Apply a perl expression to every layer of the image  
layer_reorder Reshuffle the order of layers in an image according to a function  
make-img-map Make an image map from a list of images  
make_bevel_logos A script to get blended beveled logos  
make_trans_logos A script to get transparent beveled logos  
map_to_gradient Map grayscale values to gradient  
mirror_split Splits and mirrors half of the image, according to settings  
perl_fu_console Gimp-Perl console  
perlotine Guillotine implemented in perl, with html output  
pixelgen/pixelmap Generate the pixels of an image by expressions (in PDL)  
prep4gif Prep for gif  
random_art_1 Create a Random Tile  
random_blends Perform N random blends  
red_eye Remove red-eye from selection  
registry_viewer Browse the gimp plugin registry  
repdup Repeats and duplicates a selection.  
scm2perl convert script-fu to perl  
scratches Create a scratch effect  
selective_sharpen Sharpen edges in controlled fashion  
seth_spin Seth Spin  
stampify Makes an image look like a postage stamp.  
stamps Creates a rectangular image with stamp-like perforations  
test_exception Exercise gimp-perl filter testing exceptions  
tex_string_to_float Turn a TeX-string into floating layer  
triangle Creates a triangular selection with the diagonal as one of its sides.  
view3d View grayscale drawable in 3D  
warp_sharp Sharpen the current drawable  
webify Make an image suitable for the web  
windify Add wind to an image  
xach_blocks Xach's Blocks o' Fun  
xach_shadows Xach's Shadows o' Fun  
xachvision Xach Surveillance Camera/XachVision  
xcftopnm convert xcf files to pnm files  
yinyang Render a stand-alone Yin/Yang image  

Other Files