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Module Version: 0.04   Source   Latest Release: Test-Fixme-0.16


Test::Fixme - check code for FIXMEs.


    # In a test script like 't/test-fixme.t'
    use Test::Fixme;

    # You can also tailor the behaviour.
    use Test::Fixme;
    run_tests( where    => 'lib',      # where to find files to check
               match    => 'TODO',     # what to check for
               skip_all => $ENV{SKIP}  # should all tests be skipped


When coding it is common to come up against problems that need to be addressed but that are not a big deal at the moment. What generally happens is that the coder adds comments like:

 # FIXME - what about windows that are bigger than the screen?

 # FIXME - add checking of user priviledges here.

Test::Fixme allows you to add a test file that ensures that none of these get forgotten in the module.


By default run_tests will search for 'FIXME' in all the files it can find in the project. You can change these defaults by using 'where' or 'match' as follows:

    run_tests( where => 'lib', # just check the modules.
               match => 'TODO' # look for things that are not done yet.

Specifies where to search for files. This can be a scalar containing a single directory name, or it can be a listref containing multiple directory names.


Expression to search for within the files. This may be a simple string, or a qr//-quoted regular expression. For example:

    match => qr/[T]ODO|[F]IXME|[B]UG/,

Expression to filter file names. This should be a qr//-quoted regular expression. For example:

    match => qr/\.(:pm|pl)$/,

would only match .pm and .pl files under your specified directory.


If you want to match something other than 'FIXME' then you may find that the test file itself is being caught. Try doing this:

    run_tests( match => 'TO'.'DO' );

You may also wish to suppress the tests - try this:

    use Test::Fixme;
    run_tests( skip_all => $ENV{SKIP_TEST_FIXME} );

You can only run run_tests once per file. Please use several test files if you want to run several different tests.




Edmund von der Burg <>

Please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.


Dave O'Neill added support for 'filename_match' and also being able to pass a list of several directories in the 'where' argument. Many thanks.


Copryight (C) 2008 Edmund von der Burg <>

This library is free software . You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as perl itself.

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