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DBIx::DBO2::Docs::ToDo - Tasks, ideas, and bug reports


Issues from Comparison.pod document:

Supported databases

Any database supported by one of the following: DBD::AnyData, DBD::CSV, DBD::MySQL, and DBD::Pg.

TODO: Add ODBC to SQL Server.

SQL Abstraction

The base Record class does not support joins, although the underlying DBIx::SQLEngine classes do, and it is possible to provide your own query logic in a subclass.

TODO: Examples of using a join.

Deferred/Preloaded data retrieval

There is not yet any way to defer the loading of given columns for a select. However, it always possible to specify only those columns which are needed at a given point in your code.

TODO: Deferred loading of additional columns is expected in an upcoming release.

Multiple rows and cursors

DBIx::DBO2 currently returns multiple rows all at once. A RecordSet object similar to a cursor is used but it does not yet handle incremental retrieval.

TODO: Support for cursors and automatic iteration with closures is expected in an upcoming release.


There is no built in caching support.

TODO: Support for LRU caching and weak caching to ensuring that there is only a single instance of a given object in memory at any time are both expected in an upcoming release.


DBIx::DBO2 does not support transactions.

TODO: Basic transactions for drivers that support them are expected in an upcoming release.

Auto-generated methods

The included DBIx::DBO2::Fields package can generate a wide variety of methods, including customized accessors for each type of field or relationship. These currently require explicit declarations.

TODO: Support for automatic detection of database columns and subsequent method generation is expected in an upcoming release.


The documentation for this module is still fairly rough. In particular, it lacks non-reference material to introduce the its idioms.

TODO: Tutorial or "getting started" guide.




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