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Distribution Released
aliased-factory-v0.0.1 shorter versions of a class tree's constructors [Download] [Browse] 25 May 2009
ApacheLog-Parser-v0.0.1 parse apache 'combined' log format [Download] [Browse] 18 Feb 2008
bin-wxcat-v0.0.1 pipe output to an unfocussed window [Download] [Browse] 29 Aug 2008
CAD-Calc-0.27 generic cad-related geometry calculations [Download] [Browse] 05 May 2008
CAD-Drawing-0.26 Methods to create, load, and save vector graphics [Download] [Browse] 17 Mar 2006
CAD-Drawing-GUI-0.01_01 A can of worms uncapped and recapped. [Download] [Browse] 17 Mar 2006
CAD-Drawing-IO-DWGI-0.12 Perl bindings to the OpenDWG toolkit [Download] [Browse] 04 Mar 2006
CAD-Drawing-IO-Image-0.02 Output methods for images [Download] [Browse] 17 Mar 2006
CAD-Drawing-IO-OpenDWG-0.22 Accessor methods for OpenDWG toolkit wrapper [Download] [Browse] 17 Mar 2006
CAD-Drawing-IO-PgDB-0.03 PostgreSQL save / load methods [Download] [Browse] 17 Mar 2006
CAD-Drawing-IO-PostScript-0.03 PostScript output methods [Download] [Browse] 17 Mar 2006
CAD-Drawing-IO-Tk-0.04 GUI I/O methods for CAD::Drawing [Download] [Browse] 17 Mar 2006
CAD-Drawing-Template-0.01 Replace tags with text and geometry. [Download] [Browse] 17 Mar 2006
CAD-Format-STL-v0.2.1 read/write 3D stereolithography files [Download] [Browse] 04 Apr 2010
Class-Accessor-Classy-v0.9.1 accessors with minimal inheritance [Download] [Browse] 13 Jul 2009
Combust-Spontaneously-v0.0.1 combust standalone server class [Download] [Browse] 08 Sep 2009
Date-Piece-v0.0.3 efficient dates with Time::Piece interoperability [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2009
Devel-NoGlobalSig-v0.0.1 croak when a global %SIG is installed [Download] [Browse] 07 Jan 2009
Devel-TraceDeps-v0.0.3 track loaded modules and objects [Download] [Browse] 31 Jan 2009
Device-SerialPins-v0.0.2 per-pin low-level serial port access [Download] [Browse] 21 Oct 2007
dotReader-v0.11.2   [Download] [Browse] 22 Apr 2007
File-Fu-v0.0.8 file and directory objects [Download] [Browse] 03 Jun 2013
Getopt-Abridged-v0.0.1 quick and simple full-featured option handling [Download] [Browse] 01 Feb 2009
Getopt-AsDocumented-v0.0.2 declare options as pod documentation [Download] [Browse] 03 Jun 2013
Getopt-Base-v0.0.3 foundation for oo GetOpt support [Download] [Browse] 03 Jun 2013
Getopt-Helpful-0.04 Integrated option hash / help messages. [Download] [Browse] 04 Jun 2006
Graph-ChainBuilder-v0.0.2 build directed 2-regular cyclic graphs [Download] [Browse] 05 Jan 2009
HTTP-Server-Simple-Er-v0.0.4 lightweight server and interface [Download] [Browse] 08 Aug 2009
JSON-ON-v0.0.3 javascript object notation object notator [Download] [Browse] 26 Jun 2013
lambda-v0.0.1 a shortcut for sub {...} [Download] [Browse] 10 Oct 2007
Linux-USBKeyboard-0.04 access devices pretending to be qwerty keyboards [Download] [Browse] 07 Dec 2009
List-oo-v0.2.1 object interface to list (array) methods [Download] [Browse] 07 Jun 2008
Math-Geometry-Planar-GPC-Polygon-0.05 OO wrapper to gpc library [Download] [Browse] 21 Jul 2004
Math-Geometry-Planar-Offset-1.05 Calculate offset polygons [Download] [Browse] 15 Jul 2007
Math-Round-Var-v1.0.0 Variations on rounding. [Download] [Browse] 09 Mar 2008
Math-Vec-1.01 Object-Oriented Vector Math Methods in Perl [Download] [Browse] 30 May 2007
Module-Build-0.33 Build and install Perl modules [Download] [Browse] 03 May 2009
Module-Finder-v0.1.5 find and query modules in @INC and/or elsewhere [Download] [Browse] 17 Jul 2007
Package-Tent-v0.0.1 temporary package infrastructure [Download] [Browse] 19 Feb 2007
Postal-US-State-v0.0.1 State names and codes [Download] [Browse] 21 Jun 2010
Shebangml-v0.0.1 markup with bacon [Download] [Browse] 11 Aug 2009
sleepserver-v0.0.1 an http server that sleeps on the job [Download] [Browse] 16 Feb 2008
Text-Slidez-v0.0.1 format slideshows into XHTML [Download] [Browse] 11 Aug 2009
Time-dt-v0.0.1 date and time succinctly [Download] [Browse] 04 Jun 2013
Time-Mock-v0.0.2 shift and scale time [Download] [Browse] 15 Jul 2009
Tree-Base-v0.10.2 a base class for trees [Download] [Browse] 11 Aug 2009
VCfs-v0.0.1 Version Control agnostic interface on the local system [Download] [Browse] 31 Jan 2009
wxPerl-Constructors-v0.0.4 parameterized constructors [Download] [Browse] 22 Apr 2007
wxPerl-Styles-v0.0.1 shortcuts for wxFOO style constants [Download] [Browse] 22 Apr 2007
XML-Bits-v0.0.1 a tree of XML nodes [Download] [Browse] 11 Aug 2009