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Eric Wilhelm > dotReader-v0.11.2


This Release dotReader-v0.11.2  [Download] [Browse 22 Apr 2007
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License The GNU General Public License, Version not specified
Special Files


LWP::Iterator::UserAgent a non-blocking LWP iterator      
List::History a previous/current/next list of objects      
MultiTask::Manager work a group of minions until they are dead      
MultiTask::Minion a worker      
Regexp::PosIterator a regular expression iterator      
WxPerl::MenuMaker create and manage linked menus and toolbars      
WxPerl::MenuMap An object to introspect a Wx::Menu      
WxPerl::ShortCuts shorter constants      
WxPerl::TreeCtrlMapped a more reasonably perlish wxTreeCtrl      
dtRdr toplevel data/environment for dotReader      
dtRdr::Accessor generate an accessor subclass      
dtRdr::Annotation base class for Note, Bookmark, and Highlight objects      
dtRdr::Annotation::IO Base class for annotation I/O      
dtRdr::Annotation::IO::YAML read/write annotations from/to yml files      
dtRdr::Annotation::IOBlob hash reference scrubber      
dtRdr::Annotation::Range range-derived annotations      
dtRdr::Annotation::Sync::Standard standard server sync      
dtRdr::Annotation::SyncRules rules engine      
dtRdr::Annotation::Trait::Boundless mixin methods for boundless annotations      
dtRdr::Book base and factory class for books      
dtRdr::Book::ThoutBook_1_0 unpacked ThoutBook reader      
dtRdr::Book::ThoutBook_1_0::Base shared stuff      
dtRdr::Book::ThoutBook_1_0::Traits shared methods      
dtRdr::Book::ThoutBook_1_0_jar zipped Thout 1.0 book plugin      
dtRdr::BookBag a bag of books      
dtRdr::BookUtil::AnnoInsert XML parse/populate      
dtRdr::Bookmark bookmarked locations      
dtRdr::Callbacks::Book the callbacks object for books      
dtRdr::Config configuration storage      
dtRdr::Config::YAMLConfig a config file      
dtRdr::GUI GUI-agnostic data      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx Wx::App class      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::BVManager a container of sorts      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::BookTree treectrl subclass      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::BookView view of an open book      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::BookmarkTree treectrl subclass      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Dialog::License the license dialog box      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Dialog::Password password dialog      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Dialog::Password0 re TextEntryDialog      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Dialog::SyncSettings Sync setup dialog      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Dialog::SyncSettings0 layout for sync settings      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Frame base class for the main frame      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Frame0 layout for toplevel frame      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::HighlightTree treectrl subclass      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::LibraryTree the sidebar libraries tree      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::NoteEditor was once autogenerated code      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::NoteTree treectrl subclass      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::NoteViewer a special Wx::Panel      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Plugins plugins for the wx gui      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Plugins::InfoButton a button/plugin demo     0.01
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Plugins::TWBButton a button/plugin demo     0.01
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Plugins::dtRdrButton a button/plugin demo     0.01
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::SearchPane the search pane      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::SearchTree display search results as a tree      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Sidebar everything in the sidebar      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::State an object to hold state      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::TextViewer popup text viewer with clipboard      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::TextViewer0 was once autogenerated code      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Tree::AnnoBase base class for sidebar annotation trees      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Tree::Base base class for sidebar trees      
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::Utils wx shortcut functions      
dtRdr::HTMLShim::ActiveXIE a windows-only widget shim      
dtRdr::HTMLShim::WebKit the webkit html widget      
dtRdr::HTMLShim::WxHTML a cross-platform widget without css      
dtRdr::HTMLShim::WxMozilla a linux-only widget shim      
dtRdr::HTMLWidget Generic HTML widget interface      
dtRdr::HTMLWidget::Shared selectively shared code      
dtRdr::Hack self-documenting adaptive finger-wagging global vars      
dtRdr::Highlight highlighted ranges      
dtRdr::Library library class frontend/base      
dtRdr::Library::YAMLLibrary a library in yaml      
dtRdr::Location location objects      
dtRdr::Logger global logging      
dtRdr::Logger::Appender::File Log::Log4perl::Appender::File subclass      
dtRdr::Metadata::Book metadata for books      
dtRdr::Note notes attached to locations      
dtRdr::NoteThread an n-ary tree of notes      
dtRdr::PluginHelpers::Data DATA_DIR and FIND_FILE class methods      
dtRdr::Plugins plugin system frontend      
dtRdr::Plugins::Base base class for plugin backends      
dtRdr::Plugins::Book Handle book plugins      
dtRdr::Plugins::Library handle library plugins      
dtRdr::Range a pair of dtRdr::Location objects      
dtRdr::Search::Book Search a book      
dtRdr::Search::Result an object      
dtRdr::Selection a public selection object      
dtRdr::String::Splicer substr that skips spaces      
dtRdr::TOC a linked Table of Contents tree      
dtRdr::Traits::Class shared OO stuff      
dtRdr::User user class      
dtRdr::UserAgent Custom LWP::Iterator::UserAgent      


accessor_report who has what attributes  
anno_client talk directly to the server  
anno_server simple dotReader annotation server  
book_do like perl -e 'print book()->id, "\n"'  
dev_fetch_books emulate svn:externals, sans annoying bits  
dot_bot dotReader web bot  
dr_search search a book  
dtRdr::0 nothing to see here, move along  
dtRdr::Book::ThoutBook_1_0::Format book format notes  
dtRdr::GUI::Wx::NoteEditorBase base class for the NoteEditor  
dtRdr::doc dotReader documentation  
dtRdr::doc::AnnotationServers remote annotation server details  
dtRdr::doc::Book::whitespace issues with whitespace  
dump_toc a tool  
hack_annotations interactively change annotation properties  
link_report display a book's links  
list_plugins list detected plugins  
macrun OSX: because linux was too efficient  
mk_library create a library  
mk_stupid_annotations create a ridiculous quanity of annotations  
show_book show a summary of the book  
show_section dump the get_content results for a node  
syckify_toc specialized storage  
sync_annotations sync annotations from the console  
thout1_toc_cache create or update zipped toc  

Other Files