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Declare-CLI-0.009 Declarative command line interface builder. [Download] [Browse] 06 Oct 2015
Test-Stream-Plugin-SpecDeclare-0.000002 Syntax sugar for Test::Stream::Plugin::Spec. [Download] [Browse] 06 Oct 2015
Test-Stream-1.302015 Experimental successor to Test::More and Test::Builder. [Download] [Browse] 04 Oct 2015
Test-Simple-1.302012_002 Basic utilities for writing tests. [Download] [Browse] 02 Oct 2015
Test-SharedFork-0.34 fork test [Download] [Browse] 29 Sep 2015
Mock-Quick-1.110 Quickly mock objects and classes, even temporarily replace them, [Download] [Browse] 26 Aug 2015
Child-0.012 Object oriented simple interface to fork() [Download] [Browse] 29 Jun 2015
Exporter-Declare-0.114 Exporting done right [Download] [Browse] 23 Jun 2015
Devel-Declare-Parser-0.020 Higher level interface to Devel-Declare [Download] [Browse] 06 Jun 2015
Test-Exception-0.40 Test exception-based code [Download] [Browse] 05 Jun 2015
Test2-0.000003 Just grabbing the namespace [Download] [Browse] 05 May 2015
ACME-SocketTest-0.002 Letting cpan-testers check some stuff for me :-) [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2015
ACME-FunkyDocs-0.002 Funky Docs! [Download] [Browse] 21 Mar 2015
Getopt-Again-0.000004 Yet another attempt at a universal Getopt tool. [Download] [Browse] 13 Mar 2015
Fuckin-Lazy-0.000002 Lazy way to produce test structures (Or a very bad idea) [Download] [Browse] 28 Jul 2014
Fennec-2.017 A testers toolbox, and best friend [Download] [Browse] 23 Apr 2014
App-Dispatch-0.007 Tool to have #! dispatch to the best executable for the job. [Download] [Browse] 30 Jan 2014
Test-FixtureBuilder-0.001 Quickly define fixture data for unit tests [Download] [Browse] 13 Jan 2014
Fennec-Declare-1.002 Declarative interface for Fennec. [Download] [Browse] 07 Dec 2013
Child-Socket-0.003 Socket based IPC plugin for L<Child> [Download] [Browse] 02 Dec 2013
DSL-HTML-0.006 Declarative DSL(domain specific language) for writing HTML [Download] [Browse] 15 Oct 2013
Hash-StoredIterator-0.007 Functions for accessing a hashes internal iterator. [Download] [Browse] 04 Jul 2013
Parallel-Runner-0.013 An object to manage running things in parallel processes. [Download] [Browse] 06 May 2013
Devel-Declare-Parser-Fennec-0.005 The parser for Fennec syntax. [Download] [Browse] 23 Mar 2013
Exporter-Declare-Magic-0.107 Enhance Exporter::Declare with some fancy magic. [Download] [Browse] 23 Mar 2013
Vim-Helper-0.001 Extended tools to assist working with perl in vim. [Download] [Browse] 04 Nov 2012
archlib-0.002 Add tar archive to @INC path [Download] [Browse] 28 Feb 2012
MooseX-LeakCheck-0.003 Check for leaky attributes [Download] [Browse] 02 Jan 2012
DCI-0.013 Collection of utilities for writing perl code that fits the DCI methodology. [Download] [Browse] 15 Dec 2011
Test-Exception-LessClever-0.006 Test::Exception simplified [Download] [Browse] 06 Apr 2011
Block-NamedVar-0.008 Named variables for grep and map, for with multiple named list elements. [Download] [Browse] 31 Mar 2011
Meta-Builder-0.003 Tools for creating Meta objects to track custom metrics. [Download] [Browse] 09 Oct 2010
Fennec-Lite-0.004 Minimalist Fennec, the commonly used bits. [Download] [Browse] 16 Sep 2010
Hook-AfterRuntime-0.005 Run code at the end of the compiling scope's runtime. [Download] [Browse] 30 Aug 2010
MooseX-AutoImmute-0.001 Use Moose with make_immutable called for you. [Download] [Browse] 29 Aug 2010
Package-Watchdog-0.09 Forbid subs in one package from accessing subs in another package, directly or otherwise. [Download] [Browse] 11 Jul 2010
Devel-Memalyzer-0.001 Base framework for analyzing program memory usage [Download] [Browse] 26 Mar 2010
RTDevSys-0.06 A development, deployment, and management system for RT installations. [Download] [Browse] 15 Feb 2010
CGI-ValidOp-0.56 Simple validation of CGI parameters and runmodes. [Download] [Browse] 10 Dec 2009
Test-More-Fork-0.007 Test forking capabilities hacked on to Test::More [Download] [Browse] 01 Nov 2009
Class-Entangle-0.06 Functions to entangle an object. [Download] [Browse] 20 Apr 2009