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This Release Test2-Suite-0.000075  [Download] [Browse 10 Sep 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Test2::Bundle Documentation for bundles.     0.000075
Test2::Bundle::Extended Old name for Test2::V0     0.000075
Test2::Bundle::More ALMOST a drop-in replacement for Test::More.     0.000075
Test2::Bundle::Simple ALMOST a drop-in replacement for Test::Simple.     0.000075
Test2::Compare Test2 extension for writing deep comparison tools.     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Array Internal representation of an array comparison.     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Bag Internal representation of a bag comparison.     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Base Base class for comparison classes.     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Bool Compare two values as booleans     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Custom Custom field check for comparisons.     0.000075
Test2::Compare::DeepRef Ref comparison     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Delta Representation of differences between nested data structures.     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Event Event specific Object subclass.     0.000075
Test2::Compare::EventMeta Meta class for events in deep comparisons     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Hash Representation of a hash in a deep comparison.     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Meta Check library for meta-checks     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Negatable Poor mans 'role' for compare objects that can be negated.     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Number Compare two values as numbers     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Object Representation of an object during deep comparison.     0.000075
Test2::Compare::OrderedSubset Internal representation of an ordered subset.     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Pattern Use a pattern to validate values in a deep comparison.     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Ref Ref comparison     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Regex Regex direct comparison     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Scalar Representation of a Scalar Ref in deep comparisons     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Set Allows a field to be matched against a set of checks.     0.000075
Test2::Compare::String Compare two values as strings     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Undef Check that something is undefined     0.000075
Test2::Compare::Wildcard Placeholder check.     0.000075
Test2::Event::Times     0.000075
Test2::Mock Module for managing mocked classes and instances.     0.000075
Test2::Plugin Documentation for plugins     0.000075
Test2::Plugin::BailOnFail Automatically bail out of testing on the first test failure.     0.000075
Test2::Plugin::DieOnFail Automatically die on the first test failure.     0.000075
Test2::Plugin::ExitSummary Add extra diagnostics on failure at the end of the test.     0.000075
Test2::Plugin::SRand Control the random seed for more controlled test environments.     0.000075
Test2::Plugin::Times Output timing data at the end of the test.     0.000075
Test2::Plugin::UTF8 Test2 plugin to test with utf8.     0.000075
Test2::Require Base class and documentation for skip-unless type test packages.     0.000075
Test2::Require::AuthorTesting Only run a test when the AUTHOR_TESTING environment variable is set.     0.000075
Test2::Require::EnvVar Only run a test when a specific environment variable is set.     0.000075
Test2::Require::Fork Skip a test file unless the system supports forking     0.000075
Test2::Require::Module Skip tests if certain packages are not installed, or insufficient versions.     0.000075
Test2::Require::Perl Skip the test unless the necessary version of Perl is installed.     0.000075
Test2::Require::RealFork Skip a test file unless the system supports true forking     0.000075
Test2::Require::Threads Skip a test file unless the system supports threading     0.000075
Test2::Suite Distribution with a rich set of tools built upon the Test2 framework.     0.000075
Test2::Todo TODO extension for Test2.     0.000075
Test2::Tools Documentation for Tools.     0.000075
Test2::Tools::Basic Test2 implementation of the basic testing tools.     0.000075
Test2::Tools::Class Test2 implementation of the tools for testing classes.     0.000075
Test2::Tools::ClassicCompare Classic (Test::More style) comparison tools.     0.000075
Test2::Tools::Compare Tools for comparing deep data structures.     0.000075
Test2::Tools::Defer Write tests that get executed at a later time     0.000075
Test2::Tools::Encoding Tools for managing the encoding of Test2 based tests.     0.000075
Test2::Tools::Event Tools for generating test events.     0.000075
Test2::Tools::Exception Test2 based tools for checking exceptions     0.000075
Test2::Tools::Exports Tools for validating exporters.     0.000075
Test2::Tools::Grab Temporarily intercept all events without adding a scope level.     0.000075
Test2::Tools::Mock Class/Instance mocking for Test2.     0.000075
Test2::Tools::Ref Tools for validating references.     0.000075
Test2::Tools::Subtest Tools for writing subtests     0.000075
Test2::Tools::Target Alias the testing target package.     0.000075
Test2::Tools::Warnings Tools to verify warnings.     0.000075
Test2::Util::Grabber Object used to temporarily intercept all events.     0.000075
Test2::Util::Ref Tools for inspecting or manipulating references.     0.000075
Test2::Util::Stash Utilities for manipulating stashes and globs.     0.000075
Test2::Util::Sub Tools for inspecting and manipulating subs.     0.000075
Test2::Util::Table Format a header and rows into a table     0.000075
Test2::Util::Table::Cell     0.000075
Test2::Util::Table::LineBreak Break up lines for use in tables.     0.000075
Test2::Util::Term     0.000075
Test2::Util::Times Format timing/benchmark information.     0.000075
Test2::V0 0Th edition of the Test2 recommended bundle.     0.000075

Other Files