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This Release Net-Fastly-1.0  [Download] [Browse 01 Oct 2013
Latest Release Net-Fastly-1.09  [Download] [Browse 21 Apr 2017
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Special Files


Net::Fastly client library for interacting with the Fastly web acceleration service     0.99
Net::Fastly::Backend Representation of an individual host you want to serve assets off      
Net::Fastly::BelongsToServiceAndVersion base class for classes that belong to a service and a version      
Net::Fastly::Client communicate with the Fastly HTTP API      
Net::Fastly::Condition Representation of a condition that can apply to first class objects      
Net::Fastly::Customer a representation of a user      
Net::Fastly::Director Representation of an a logical collection of backends - for example all the asset servers in one data center      
Net::Fastly::Domain Representation of a domain name you want to map to a service      
Net::Fastly::Healthcheck Representation of a way of keeping track of any of your hosts which are down      
Net::Fastly::Invoice - a representation of a Fastly monthly invoice      
Net::Fastly::Match An internal representation of matcher object in Fastly      
Net::Fastly::Model base class for all classes      
Net::Fastly::Origin Representation of a logical group of directors - for example the asset server directors from all your DCNs      
Net::Fastly::Service a representation of a Fastly service      
Net::Fastly::Settings - a representation of a Fastly monthly invoice      
Net::Fastly::Syslog Representation of an endpoint to stream syslogs to      
Net::Fastly::User a representation of a user      
Net::Fastly::VCL An internal representation of a Varnish Configuration Language file      
Net::Fastly::Version a representation of a version of a service      


fastly a command line shell for interacting with the Fastly infrastructure  
fastly_speed_test benchmark the speed difference between a site cached by Fastly  
fastly_upload_vcl upload raw VCL files to Fastly