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Johannes Ziemke > WWW-MeGa-0.11


This Release WWW-MeGa-0.11  [Download] [Browse 16 Jan 2009
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Special Files


WWW::MeGa A MediaGallery     0.11
WWW::MeGa::Item Representing a item in WWW::MeGa     0.11
WWW::MeGa::Item::Audio Representing a audio file in WWW::MeGa     0.11
WWW::MeGa::Item::Folder Representing a folder / album in WWW::MeGa     0.11
WWW::MeGa::Item::Image Representing a image in WWW::MeGa     0.11
WWW::MeGa::Item::Other Representing every file in WWW::MeGa without a specific object     0.11
WWW::MeGa::Item::Text Representing a text file in WWW::MeGa     0.11
WWW::MeGa::Item::Video Representing a video in WWW::MeGa     0.11

Documentation generates urls to each image in each size