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Froody::DataFormats - Example Data Formats used by Froody


This documentation gives examples of the same data presented multiple times in various formats that are used by Froody.

XML Format

This is the actual XML format. Note that this needs to be wrapped in a <rsp stat="ok">...</rsp> set of tags.

 <people group="frameworks" />
   <person nick="clkao" number="243">
     <name>Chia-liang Kao</name>
   <person nick="Trelane" number="234">
     <name>Mark Fowler</name>
   <person nick="Nicholas" number="238">
     <name>Nicholas Clark</name>
   <person nick="nnunley" number="243">
     <name>Norman Nunley</name>
   <person nick="skugg" number="214">
     <name>Stig Brautaset</name>
   <person nick="jerakeen" number="235">
     <name>Tom Insam</name>
   Frameworks is a department of Fotango.  We work on lots of
   software, including writing tools like Froody.

This format is used by Froody::Response::String and is essentially what everything must at some point produce.


This is the Terse format used by Froody::Response::Terse. It's what's handed back by methods associated by Froody::Implementation to a Froody::Implementation local:

    group => "frameworks",
    person => [
      { nick => "clkao",    number => "243", name => "Chia-liang Kao" },
      { nick => "Trelane",  number => "234", name => "Mark Fowler"    },
      { nick => "Nicholas", number => "238", name => "Nicholas Clark" },
      { nick => "nnunley",  number => "243", name => "Norman Nunley"  },
      { nick => "skugg",    number => "214", name => "Stig Brautaset" },
      { nick => "jerakeen", number => "235", name => "Tom Insam"      },
    -text => "Frameworks is a department of Fotango.  We work on lots of\n".
            "software, including writing tools like Froody."

This format doesn't make any sense on it's own. You need to have a response specification to process from this format into any of the above formats.

Response Spec

This strictly isn't the same data, but a way of expressing what data should be where.

    'people' => {
      attr => ['group'],
      elts => [qw/person/],
    'people/person' => {
      elts => [qw/name/],
      attr => [qw/nick number/],
      text => 0,
      multi => 1,


None known.

Please report any bugs you find via the CPAN RT system.


Copyright Fotango 2005. All rights reserved.

Please see the main Froody documentation for details of who has worked on this project.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


Froody, Froody::Response

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