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Frédéric Demians > Koha-Contrib-Tamil-0.026


This Release Koha-Contrib-Tamil-0.026  [Download] [Browse 04 Oct 2012
Latest Release Koha-Contrib-Tamil-0.051  [Download] [Browse 27 Jul 2017
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License The GNU General Public License, Version not specified
Special Files


Koha::Contrib::Tamil Various scripts to manage Koha instances     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::AuthoritiesLoader Authorities loader into a Koha instance     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Authority::EditorsBuilder     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Authority::EditorsUpdater     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Authority::FromBiblioTask Task extracting authorities from biblio records     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Authority::LinkBiblioTask Task linking biblio records to authorities     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Authority::LoadFileTask Task loading authorities into a Koha instance     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Authority::Task Base class for managing authorities manipulations     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Claimer Claim overdues     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Indexer Class doing Zebra Koha indexing     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::IndexerDaemon Class implementing a Koha records indexer daemon     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Koha Class exposing info about a Koha instance.     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::RecordReader Koha biblio/authority records reader     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::RecordWriter::File::Iso2709 ISO2709 MARC records writer     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::RecordWriter::File::Marcxml XML MARC record reader     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Sitemaper Class building Sitemap files for a Koha DB     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Sitemaper::Writer Koha sitemaper writer     0.026
Koha::Contrib::Tamil::Zebra::Clouder Class generating keywords clouds from Koha Zebra indexes     0.026


koha-auth Generate authorities from bibliographic records  
koha-claim Claim overdues each day, grouping same overdues  
koha-cloud Creates HTML keywords clouds from Koha Zebra Indexes  
koha-index Index Koha biblio/authority records  
koha-index-daemon Insert/update/delete records into Koha Zebra server  
koha-rebuild-editors Populates EDITORS authorities based on biblio records  
koha-sitemap Creates sitemap files for a whole Koha DB